Monday, March 31, 2008

What's Hanging?

Monday afternoon, about 5 ish, after my darling son calls to inform me he is having friends over for a cookout dinner...
I start cleaning like mad & had to finish dyeing up 3 yrds of wool.

Here are the results.....
Aged Plaid

Dirty Fushia

The other pieces were in the dryer...

And here at our house it's Every Dog for Him/Herself....

If the best seat in the house is problem just sit down anyway

Blessings 2 U Friend

Technical difficulties

Due to technical difficulties I was not able to upload the Sign until now.....
So without further ado.....

The lady saw this one in my laundry room ordered the one above.

I realized while painting this Rug Hooking Sign I have been painting signs & banners since 1987 that's 21 yrs....egads.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

march madness

It is hard to believe March is almost over...all the plans and goals for the month with only a few completed.
I did finish a commisioned sign, tons of laundry and school is back in session. There were more I am sure I just can't
think of them right now. Tomorrow I will post a picture of the sign and Melanie's Egg pillow.

Blessings 2 U Friend

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yesterday was a Loooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggg day!
We didn't leave the shop until 7pm. Helen & Ron (the shop owners) were so sweet they took the entire family out to dinner at a local buffet.
We finally got home around 8:30 last night, I actually got to sleep before 1 pm, the first time in weeks.

Today was another visit to the DENTIST The 3rd crown of the year. . .
I honestly thought I was finished...then I was told there was one more tooth that REALLY needed a root canal and two older fillings that needed to be replaced this year.
Honestly I am not sure I can afford this so far we are at 3037 through today. I guess I do have the dogs beat though!

Off to see what I can pull together for an impromptu garage sale this weekend and take two more advil for the headache I am now getting!


Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here are a few pictures of what I found in my front yard Friday Morning & during my trip to the feed store.

Blessings 2 U Friend

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Here is that lovely plaid again after it was overdyed with BLACK and a few other colors.

This is what the plaid looked like before dyeing, Susan brought a piece to class so I could show you.

UGLY Plaid can sure make a girl hungry, after we finished the couple of sushi pieces I saved from dinner Wednesday then Susan has a bowl of soup and I had a few tortilla chips.
Here are the pieces I dyed for the shop, they look a little bright here...

All fluffed & ready to go to the shoppe.

The kitchen aftermath

While admiring her dye work Susan stepped back a little too far and took a little dip.

Thankfully I had a pair of pants small enough for her, t-shirt & flip flops she could wear while we extended the day and dried her clothes.
WE DEFINITELY will have to do this again, maybe when the pool is a little warmer!


Blessings 2 U Friends

Friday, March 21, 2008

a slight delay....due to CHAOS lol

After 1/2 a dozen various phone calls & emails I finally have a free moment .............
Well I spoke too soon the phone rang as I was typing this right now........
I guess I should back up a bit to my last post heading out the door...
Hubby said he would take the kids to piano..great I can finish grading their papers & put together an order maybe even deliver it. I called & Nonie is not home so I leave a message...ring it's my friend Cheryl who emailed earlier that her pug Jasmine has stones in her bladder...Jasmine isn't due to have surgery to remove them until next week which is odd especially since they were palatable through her abdomen wall. I ask some questions and tell her what to watch for in the meantime, seems the Vet didn't xray or tell her what to watch for in the duration, give her Dr. Mac's number if she can't reach her Vet. Her Vet tells her to bring Jasmine in tomorrow morning, standby mode. So she is going to call the Emergency Vet Clinic to see if they would be able to do anything to help her as she is straining now.
Meanwhile I figure we have nothing planned and it is now 6:30 I will see if hubby wants to grab a bite out since piano lessons are an hour each this week to make up for last weeks reschedule debacle thanks to the pipe mishap & a small crisis on Meredith's end the following day.
Great he will run back & pick me up and I will lock up & let our dogs out before I leave...while outside up the street drives Tim, of course always happens when they are outside because they run right to his car so excited to see him home. UGH
Round them all up & put him in charge as we are heading out to grab a bite. Drop off Sahara for her lessons pick up Tyler head around the block to Steak N Shake while waiting for my steakburger I check mail...nothing new. When we finished we went back to pick up Sahara it's 7:45 and I check mail again...two messages on the house voicemail so I call to check as one is from Cheryl & one from Jean who is supposed to pick up the power cord for her computer that hubby fixed. This means the eldest is not answering the phone so either he left or is STILL playing WarCrack...yup playing warcrack & didn't hear the phone, well listen for Jean she is on her way over. Well I can't hear because the dogs have been barking since you left
Did you go check why? NO they bark everytime you leave...
It is now 8:05 we swing back through Steak N Shakes drive up, grab Sahara a kid meal and head home, I call Cheryl back and the Emergency Clinic is going to call her when they slow down a bit and she can bring her right in. Jean wasn't here yet and Cheryl is off to the Emergency Vet now, call Jean to find out the reason the dogs were barking for 15 minutes ( heh heh since I was gone) was she was at the front door since it was open but the screen was locked waiting for someone to answer. Mr. Crack head couldn't come see what they were barking at though. ARGH So glad he will be married soon and out of the house again! While rotating laundry the phone rings it's Helen from the shop making sure I am okay since I didn't come in on Tuesday. She forgot I mentioned their school work for the year was supposed to be here & I needed to get them going on that right away. I have the wool I dyed for the shop and will bring it to Primitives Class in the Morning. What a sweetie to check on me and make sure things are okay.

The phone rang again as I started this post with my BFF who was shoveling 9 inches of surprise snow in her drive & she has terrible pain in her behind. After a half dozen questions I am pretty sure her hip popped out & pinched the nerve in the meantime the other line rings and it's Cheryl the Emerg. Vet is going to remove the 6 stones tonight and the cyst on Jasmines eyelid, Praise God this woman at least is thorough she did xray the bladder!
So now after a longer than expected delay I bring you dye day photos...
The Plaid that wouldn't dye (or die) we tried a multitude of colors.

This was an attempt with Susan's Antique Dyes, I think...not strong enough
Multiple attempts in various colors & my Cushing's Dyes

The one on the far left is my favorite as well as the solid sage green & rose next to it
Here are a few more variations and colors

Then a brief intermission while we went out to see the Black Racer Sahara found while searching for insects to finish her Science project...

More photo's tomorrow of the PLAID THAT WOULDN'T DYE and other 'slip ups' during our dye day!

Blessings 2 U Friend

Settle Down Now Just Settle Down

We are getting a little bit more settled into the school routine...a little....

Thursday was a 'free' day so to speak since my friend Susan came over from Tampa & we dyed wool all afternoon & into the early evening.

The kids were supposed to be working on school but Tyler hid in his brothers room & watched him play WARCRACK he knew I would be busy & he could fly under the radar most of the afternoon. Sahara hung out with us in the kitchen since dyeing wool is much more interesting than practicing penmanship.
I did manage to get them to finish their jobs & practice piano at some point. Then Monk came on and that was the end of daughter has become a MONKophile, which I suppose isn't all bad since he does use logical thinking skills...hopefully they will catch on and master that skill.

Photos to follow...we are off to piano lessons.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Can you hear me now? Goooood.
Last week our school curriculum arrived and I would not open the box until a few other things were finished.
You remember? The tax paperwork! The group email updates, thankfully Doris did most of the work on that list.
I just added a few and put those additions on the Hookers blogsite.
Yesterday morning we opened the box...
First we have to check in the books against the packing slip.....
then we have to seperate them by student....
next we have to read each subjects instruction sheet & make sure all the required tests, teacher keys, textbooks are there for each student.
This is the Basic H.S. Curriculum for Tyler

This is Sahara's curriculum

Today I have to go through each subject and break it down into segments according to when we want the school year to end.
In the meantime the C.A.T. tests have to be taken & sent back to the school. This year is a little bit awkward since Tyler is in H.S. and has longer for some test sections than Sahara...
We are almost finished though and they can get started on school.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Party is over time to clean up

This afternoon I reminded Bogie & Birdie they needed to clean up after the week of Partying.
Mom & Dad are due home early in the morning.....

So of course Bogie makes Birdie do the vacuuming

While he went outside to play catch

Now someone needs to clean my house....4 hrs of sleep & cleaning up the boards has run my energy level to ZERO
So this is going to be short & sweet! TODAY was a PERFECT Day ...if the world ended tonight I would be joyful that my last day was Chamber of Commerce PERFECT

Humidity: 62%
Barometer: 29.86 in
Wind: 25 mph, SW
Feels like: 82°
Dewpoint: 66°
Updated: 6:45 p.m.

Oh and the pipe is seems the first repair held, the pipe below the one that had to be cut and repaired mysteriously had two spots that were leaking (very close to the locations where cuts were made in the first pipe) hmmmm....

Friday, March 14, 2008


My dear friend & Leader of the Primitive Rug Hooking Group, Betty & I have been working hard on bringing the EBAY PRHG Group into compliance with their guidelines & policies. With the help of Julie, Deirdre & The Queen we have been deleting THOUSANDS of links to outside (of ebay) sites & blogs. These wonderful ladies have spent hours upon hours deleting links/posts & threads that go back to the groups inception back in early 2006.

Just imagine over 150 women posting numerous times daily to each other, asking questions, building friendships, sharpening their Hooking Skills, from all over the United States & Canada.
That should give you an inkling of how many posts they have gone through to clean up the group so as not to have it closed down and to keep these women together.
This time, by the way has been completely VOLUNTEERED. This is the love for the art and the group as a whole that has kept us going to make sure the group does not close.

On top of all that we have been trying to make sure things run smoothly & make it clear that we all were in violation of the policies, and even though it was allowed and not corrected by the previous leader or moderators with all the changes happening on Ebay it needed to be fixed now before people were caught and possibly suspended or removed.

I can not tell you how proud I am of Betty, Julie, Deirdre & The Queen (Sherry) for their dedication & selflessness!
Thank you to Doris who started a list of members information last fall, and to the 40 or 50 members who updated & added their information to that list. We now have a way to contact them should something happen to the group board...
Thank you to all the members who didn't feel they were 'singled' out and willingly removed their links/banners & website information from their signature files!
My friends you will be rewarded for your cooperative spirit.....

For those of you who are not members you can search for ALL the talented pieces by these ladies on ETSY & EBAY, just type PRHG into the search fields of either website. You can even GOOGLE PRHG for some of the members listings/blogs.

Blessings 2 U Friends

Thursday, March 13, 2008

WHY won't MEN listen to a WOMAN?

After hubby fixes the pipe he starts filling in the hole...I ask Did you test it first?

Why not?

Because it needs to dry?

Okay then why are you filling in the hole?

I don't want someone to fall in it.

I am thinking yah...We get so much traffic through the side of the driveway from the neighbors front yard...

That was apparently the reason the first time that it got fixed all wonky, we didn't have the right stuff & it was getting dark, didn't want someone to fall in the hole. Then of course OUT OF SITE OUT OF MIIND.

Never mind the fact that we have a boat load of wood & plywood in the garage, of course none of them would have fit over that hole I am sure....

Then after letting Bogie & Birdie out this morning, feeding them breakfast, hauling out the ladder & getting Bogies ball out of the gutter.

I returned home & had Son #2 call and ask if he turned the water on? NOPE blah blah blah needed to dry.

Okay turn it on & water the plants in the front far so good hmmmm

turn on the drive side so the bush that had it's roots exposed yesterday gets watered back in...

In comes daughter #2 there is a weird noise out front...& it's flooding...

Sure enough leaking again....

Well this time I am NOT digging out the hole for him once is enough!

Off to my appointments....

Have a great day!

Blessings 2 U Friends

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Never ending FUN!!!!!!!!!

Today started out fairly uneventful....walked down the street to let Bogey & Birdie out and feed them breakfast...
Beautiful sky as usual on the way home.....

OOOOOOHHHH SORRY REWIND those are yesterday's photo's!

Today was another beautiful morning, the air was clean after this mornings early rain...the colors all seemed brighter and sharper. Strolled down the street to feed the dogs and let them out, strolled back up the road.
Started load number 2 of laundry, made the bed, unloaded the dishwasher and rousted the kids out of bed at 9am
I finally headed out to the Lanai with a cup of coffee, my devotions and a few of the critters. I have to be honest I had missed a few days so I spent a little longer than expected out there. After 2 more loads of laundry, breakfast & lunch I asked Tim to take his brother & sister to piano so I could actually get something done while they were gone for the hour.
Tyler headed out to check the mail as our eldest dog was coming back around the front & I hear MOM COME QUICK THERES A PROBLEM, so immediately I think OH LORD the dog is dead, stung by a wasp/bee, he has severe allergic reactions to something biting or stinging him & we don't know what it is just that I have to get liquid Benedryl in him immediately and rush him to Dr. McDaniel.

Well the dog is walking up to the door & looks fine, Tyler is down the driveway by the mailbox & I see a stream of water running down the edge of the drive....

Apparently the MAIN PIPE was I try to open the main shut off cover and it is overgrown with sod, mind you our sod has to be cut with a machete or saw it is so dense. I leave Tyler to continue to work at it while running into get Tim to help. He assumes it is the sprinkler head broken, but I know better we haven't had the system on in months so of course he continues to tell me shut off the sprinkler system DUH... I grab the shovel to start digging around the bottom of the golden dewdrop bush to find where the leak is coming from. Tyler has the cover open & Tim shuts off the valve.

Sure enough after a bit of digging the pipe that my hubby repaired a few years back, when the gentleman came to get the "FREE OLEANDER" bush broke while digging it up. Mind you instead of digging more to repair it properly this is what happened & it was now leaking like a sieve.

My hubby is not a plumber by trade, he just does his best to fix things himself & save us the money...LORD knows we need it after this years dental expenses...however in the past his attempts at outdoor plumbing have not done so well...the pool pump still leaks & occasionally a sprinkler head blows off...

After digging through cabinets in the garage looking for the plumbing repair parts & pieces, finding lots of other things, I had to call and ask the secret hiding place. We look for the pvc glue hmmm nothing, so off to the HOME repair shop I go to get the "blue stuff" after 2 or 3 attempts to 'mend' the elbow that is leaking and having it blow off each time. We decide it is time to do this right so Tim takes the Burb to pick up a piece of pipe en route to work while Tyler & I dig out more of the pipe so we can do this right, and of course one of the shovels breaks off at the handle base because the grass is so thick!
He has to take my vehicle mind you because he doesn't believe his mother when she tells him the pipe comes in smaller lengths now not just 10ft increments. Dad is supposed to pick up the pipe on his way home...but wait he is going out to dinner with folks from the office....oh & it's Jessica's 23rd Birthday & she wants us to join her & Gabe for dinner out.

DId I mention Tim called to let me know they DIDhave smaller lengths of pipe? WOW IMAGINE THAT?!?!!!
Didn't get the 'you were right' more of a surprise tone....GEE aren't I usually right if I tell you something?!!!!

Now it is 8pm and guess who is finally home & might actually repair the pipe? If not his morning shower might be a dip in the 64 degree pool!

The pile in the drive.

NEWS FLASH, he repaired it that way because he didn't want a hole in the front overnight & that was all we had on hand...and it's not the main water to the house it's the main water to the sprinkler system....who know you had two main shut off boxes?

Blessings 2 U Friends

Monday, March 10, 2008

rocket ride into outer space?

well it's midnight and I am awake ... Not by choice mind you?
I am listening to a freight train snoring away next to me while my
eldest son, future DIL and friend Rob are watching Star Trek just
outside my bedroom door. You know Otis and Emma will start
barking as soon as they leave. Hopefully they don't hear the shuttlelaunch
and bark at 2:30 am

Well Praise God the kids left the dogs didn't bark & the train stopped
he may not be breathing, I'll check a little later right now I an enjoying
the silence.

Good night (morning)sweet dreams

Blessings 2 U Friend

UP before the Sun this morning

And ready for a nap! This time change thing sure reeks havoc on you when you get older!

I have been dying wool and trying to stay awake until it is time to feed the kiddies down the street ....Here they are this morning

This is Bogie

This is Birdie

Snapped this on the way back up the street!

Okay time to jog down the street (I can use the exercise) to feed the dogs and play fetch with Bogie. Then back to the dye pots and paperwork YUCK I also have to work on a secret project hopefully that will be revealed soon!

OH.... Kelley if your reading this I know HOW MUCH YOU LOVE MONKEYS!!! Bed Bath and Beyond has this cute set on sale this week.

Blessings 2 U Friends

Sunday, March 09, 2008 woman

Yesterday I ended up working at the shoppe as the owners were at founders day. We had our core group of hookers and had a good time chatting!

After getting home I was reminded by my hubby that I needed to finish my year end paperwork so he could finish our taxes.

Now I don't usually have a problem with doing paperwork or even tax paperwork & normally love using my electric calculator, however that broke a few years back & I have been AVOIDING any type of math paperwork. The sound of the machine typing those numbers onto the paper tape (that I could instantly see if I hit the wrong number) was actually enjoyable.

Realizing I had not printed the year end reports for my Credit Card, Orders, Shipping & Processing Fees I sat down to do that. Gee guess what the printer is out of more the dogs want to go out....let them out & back in....gee I am thirsty now....grabbed a bottle of water....printed off one the dogs want their dinner.....fed the I have to go to the the dogs need to go out again....eventually they were all printed and it was about 9 pm.

With the solar/battery operated calculator in hand, the files, reports I sit down with my pencil (freshly sharpened) to start adding up the receipts not once but at least twice, with no tape to double check so you have to do it at least twice sometimes 3-5 times.
Turned on 48 hours and started sorting receipts for the first quarter. At about 11pm I realize there is only a few columns with numbers in them & I might as well start fresh tomorrow.

So that is what I did after 2 cups of decaf coffee & a small fire started in the fireplace for the dogs after feeding them breakfast & letting them out.
It is now 8:30 and I am halfway done, the day was pretty much a repeat of the previous evening with some wool dying thrown in for good measure and 2 trips down the street to take care of the CORGI BABIES while their humans are playing in VEGAS.

Hey Jan & Marty if you check back I might have photo's of the 4 legged kids partying like there's no tomorrow while your away!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Who said White men can't Jam?

Boomin' Bill our local DJ rockin' out to TobyMac's newest song!!!
We LOVE THEJOYFM Had Coffee a few years back with Casting Crowns!

Can't wait to take the hubbies car to the shop tomorrow & BLAST THIS ONE!

Blessings 2 U Friends!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Things happen for a reason...

It never ceases to blow me away when something happens that in no way could I have orchestrated.
Seeing GOD do little things for others & myself while I am mucking up my life (normally) makes me want to cry.

LIke this 'experience' with my teeth. Imagine (and I have) that it was over after the first tooth cracked, the one that didn't hurt.
I would be a few hundred, er thousand dollars richer right now. Let's say even the second tooth, the root canal tooth was finished right after the root canal was done, or even after it broke, I would be in bed right now with an awful migraine & this awful cold wishing I was DEAD!

But no the temp broke again & I was in pain (a tooth with no roots caused me severe pain) and needed a prescription for pain medication. Which came in handy this morning/late morning when I finally dragged myself out of bed to take the antibiotics for my teeth & remembered I had those pills. I still have a headache but it isn't a migraine & I was able to function & deal with some other issues.


This afternoon I received this most adorable blog award.

from my extremely talented friend Sara.
What a wonderful way to end this day!
Rules for the "You Make My Day" award are;
To present or re-present it to those whose blogs bring you happiness & inspiration, make you feel happy about blog land.

You may email the receipient or post a comment on their blog so they can pass it along & share the joy.
Beware as you might receive the award several times & if you do, you should consider yourself very blessed & loved.

The following are my picks!

Carmen Carmen Brown
Julie Plumrun Creek
Rachael Blueshed Crafts
Kelley Kankerdoodle
Betty Primitive Bettys
Dawn Mom2my6Pack
Kimmie CabinCreekFarm

Off to accomplish something tonight!

Oh I did already I posted this update & changed the song to Lenny Kravitz

Blessings 2 U Friends

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another one bites the dust..

Dentist visit that is!!! The permanent crown is on the tooth that fractured, had a root canal, broke, had a temp crown put on, the temp crown broke...FINALLY!
The last 'urgent' tooth had the old Temp Crown removed (and I do mean old, 3-4yrs old) they did a little work on it & put a NEW temp crown on it.
GOD willing I won't be back for at least 3 weeks when the permanent crown arrives....

so todays bill for the 'new temp' crown (since I have used up my 'dental' allowance already) DRUM ROLL PLEASE..........


Due to the huge bill I am using a hamster to power my computer this evening...

So I have to type fast & make this short so I can publish it before I loose the information.

We did visit with Grandma briefly yesterday before she left for Utah. First stop was the shop to deliver Amy's custom MOOSE dyed wool and the pattern of an old School House, then we were off to the Home.

No one was there when we arrived, I was afraid we were late & wouldn't be able to spend much time with her before they left.
The nurses were getting her dressed so we waited in the hall. When we came in she was in her wheelchair, eyes closed.
Since my voice is still gone & her hearing is so bad I had Tyler tell her we were here in her good ear. She opened her eyes a little looked at us and managed a slight smile. So I asked the nurse if they gave her pain meds for the flight, she really didn't answer & said she was being talkative, really? Saturday she was much more alert, eyes open & VERY coherent & talkative.

Eventually my Uncle & Aunt arrived as we were heading to the Dining room for her lunch. That might be what made my voice go bye bye, the cold air blasting on me Saturday while Grandma ate her dinner.

She still didn't open her eyes but I fed her lunch, her last meal here in Florida. She ate almost the entire meal!
The flight was supposed to leave at 5:30 and I had hoped for an update on how she fared today but I didn't get a call yet.
However since I can't talk that much I am emailing my cousin & my Uncle hopefully the address' I was given on Saturday will work & I will know by bedtime (which is going to be fairly soon I am BEAT).

On a positive note, my bolt of Polly Minicks wool arrived today!! Thank you Polly & Thank you Laurie!

Hoping to post photos of it hooked into the Folk Art Game board rug tomorrow
I also have 5 yrds of wool to dye *chipping away at that ginormus dental bill*

Blessings 2 U Friend

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Sunday night that tooth was hurting so bad I had my hubby call the Dentist & ask for pain meds.
If you have been a 'regular' reader of my blog you will know that I try to avoid any narcotic, thanks to my mother's addiction.
I have joked that a lifetime prescription of Valium should be written upon giving birth and I might still stand by that since I have another Teenage Mutant living in the house now and a twenty something mutant back at home. However this would be just to prevent me from strangling them and committing a sin.

So after getting a hold of him I say let's go get it, hubby says...It's only 10 minutes away,
me-yeah 10 there & 10 back and 30 more to start to kill the pain, if I go it's 10 less that I am in pain..>DUH
We get there at 9pm and of course every snowbird in the county is having their rx's filled at THIS pharmacy the line is halfway around the store. So hubby whips into a parking space & runs in....tic toc tic toc tic toc....10 minutes later the drive up is empty...tic toc tic toc....out he comes 5 minutes later...nothing in his hands.......PANIC

Dr. Chris still hasn't called it in, do you have his emergancy number?
UH NO I am sitting in the car in the oversized t-shirt I plan to sleep in, no shoes, my purse (I think) and a bottle of water so I can swallow that pill.
I start rifling through my purse, no business card, no phone (it's in the charger at home) no number. . . tic toc tic toc
He sits there trying to figure out the number (he's not real good at short term memory games, heck he's not always good at long term memory games) I say gee doesn't your 'cool' phone have internet access? Yeah..GOOGLE his name & call the office the emergency number is on the machine! tic toc tic toc
So he gets the number tic toc tic toc gets Dr. Chris on the phone, says no he is outside but he will run (and he does) back in...
tic toc tic toc 9:30pm....

9:45 he comes out with the bag YEAH.... Dr. Chris said he would call back & hung up before Hubby could get to the pharmacist with his cell phone....he had to wait another 10 minutes for him to call the pharmacy.
I was just contemplating going in & looking for a pair of pliers so I could YANK the Darn thing out myself!!!!

So longer story short....I had to take another pill at 1am before it dulled the pain enough for me to doze off at 3am...
Of course I am awakened at 7:30 by one of the dogs, hubby dear was busy & didn't notice the dog wanted out to go potty, so they came to get me up since they know Mom will let them out...
Another temp crown was put on at 10am after novocaine to dull the rest of the pain!

More on the Grandma adventure tomorrow after the DENTIST appointment!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Guess what happened to me this morning!!!

Go ahead try to guess!!!!

Yesterday we visited my Grandmother, she is 95 1/2 years old. My parents moved her last summer to a different assisted living facility NO one would tell me where she was until this week when my daughter Jessica called to let me know where & that my Uncle & Aunt were moving her to UTAH.

We drove up to spend time with Grandma, she was doing well, amazingly alert but not completely coherent the entire time. She has trouble hearing & a cataract on one eye so that doesn't help much.

My Grandmother has never been on a plane and she will be taking her first ride on Tuesday. She wouldn't fly down when we moved here 10 yrs ago, we offered to fly up & get her and fly back with her, mind you this is when she felt well!!! NO WAY!!

Now she is in a wheel chair as her arthritis is completely throughout her body so this might be a difficult 5 hr flight. Please pray she is comfortable & the trip goes smoothly.

Bad part of this is that I now have the 'cold/bug' that the eldest & his fiancee have been so generous to share with my youngest son & I after 10 days. I wanted to go back to see Grandma today/tomorrow & Tuesday before she left at noon but I know it would not be good for her to get this either before or after she left. Yesterday I had a little scratchy throat after being in the air conditioning all afternoon & evening, started loosing my voice as we were saying good bye last night.
Today my shoulders/neck/head are achy, voice is still gone, throat is still just a little scratchy & a weird little cough.
So I might be flying out to Utah repeatedly this year since I won't be able to visit with her again, aside from a miracle healing.

So have you guessed what happened today? Other than missing Church with our NEW PASTOR YEAHHHHHHH!

Remember that tooth that had the root canal & broke, then had a temp crown put on and the crown wasn't in last Thursday?
Well this morning the crown broke!!! Can you believe it? The Temp Crown BROKE!! I was scheduled to have the permanent one put on Thursday, UGH! Of course there is no one at the office today so I called Dr. Chris' emergancy number & left a message.
It is only hurting a little, about a 2 on a scale of 10!

By the end of this ordeal I should have a mouth of diamonds!


Back to the Dye order & Sign order.....

Blessings 2 U Friend