Wednesday, December 31, 2008


1907 Times Square

We have not gone out for New Years Eve since.....I can't remember when...maybe 1992?

We usually stay home with family & friends, eat sushi, play games & watch the ball drop

This year we are breaking tradition & heading to The Martin's house, for what sounds like our typical New Years Eve. :-)
Maybe it is because we are about the same age or maybe it is because we grew up in the same neck of the woods, who knows?
I am happy to bid goodbye to 2008 and I look forward to 2009 being a year of blessings & dreams come true.

We started planning out some of the next few months events yesterday.
We look forward to more camping, meeting up with old friends along the way and spending more time with the kids & watching Gavin grow!
I hope to see you here, on facebook or maybe in person finally in 2009.

Whatever this New Year has in store I know GOD will bring us through it just as HE has this last year and the many before!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Surprises and makeovers?

Libby thank you for your compliment on the tree is is overflowing with ornaments as you can see

Here is Sahara and her BIG gift...She has been practicing stitches since she opened it.

Tyler received an electric guitar set but he has been in his 'room' practicing since teenage boys are a little territorial and afraid of daylight I will try to sneak a shot of him playing later.

Here is Otis with his big gift
Last years bear is just a patch of fur parts

The day after Christmas we ran a few errands and left the boy home alone to finish his chores *yeah they NEVER all get done*
I found a LARGE envelope along with 5 Christmas Cards and a Package from my Procrastinator BIL Lance.
The LARGE envelope was a complete surprise so of course I grabbed it came from over the pond, a completely unexpected gift from my online friend Rachael
When she made these I thought they were so cute & told her they brought a smile to my face...she sent them to me aren't they adorable?

She made this for Casper but since he has been strapped with the Elizabethan collar I let Otis model it for him.

Then she sent a package for Gavin

He opened it when Tim brought him by for help with reinserting his tube

It is the cutest stocking being held by a bear with a tiny mouse in his bed inside.
Rachael than you for reminding me that surprising others is a blessing...I will keep that in mind this week.

We have a 'child' who insists on making weird faces when pictures are taken of him....he reminds me of Sarah's cousin remember her right?
Well Mom usually doesn't post those 'less than adorable photo's" however I think in true makeover fashion he may need to see these photo's in hopes he will not make sooo many of them. There are quite a few in the photo albums these are the ones on my computer.

I think he missed his calling as a comedian!

Blessings 2 U Friends

Friday, December 26, 2008

Did everyone survive???

The Hustle & Bustle of Christmas that is?
While we have some time honored traditions we have had to adjust a few things this year due to having a DIL as well as a Grandson added to the festivities.
Christmas Eve we traditionally opened our Ornaments, I buy the kids one or two each year for their trees. I also get an item of clothing that is the same for everyone. In the past it was matching sweaters from Lands End, Union Suits from the Sock Company, one year I sewed matching boxer style shorts from an amazing vintage looking flannel. Then we try to get a group photo of everyone wearing their gifts. This year Tim & Britt had a Christmas Party to attend with her parents while we babysat Gavin & Jessica was heading to Gabes so the Long John photo didn't happen. Maybe next year!

Now my kids have usually let us sleep in past 7 at least however this year Harley woke me up before 7 after feeding & medicating all the pets Sahara woke up and wanted to open gifts well I couldn't say no so after only 5 hrs sleep we started Christmas.
Thankfully Jess & Gabe bought me a Starbucks Gift assortment so I had plenty of coffee to keep me going.

Gavin & Aunt Jessica

Tyler with his ornie

Sahara with her Ornie

Grandpa home with the Sushi & Sashimi making Gavin laugh

Brittany & Gavin Christmas Morning before she left for work

Great-Grandpa Art Rasmussen, Grandpa Larry Rasmussen, Gavin, Dad Tim

However you may celebrate, whichever traditions you hold dear I pray you had a BLESSED Christmas!

Blessings 2 U Friends

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just not enough time...Christmas Eve

It doesn't seem to matter that I start gathering gifts for Christmas the days after Christmas is over there never seems to be enough time to do all the things or spend time with the people we wish.

I guess that is also true of each day, there never seems to be enough time...or in my case energy to finish all I would like to do each day. Sorta feel like the hamster on the wheel running round & round while never going anywhere and fast.
I guess that is why I like facebook more these days, you can see what family & friends are doing, view photos, talk with each other daily (that is if they are on regularly). I have found some old friends as well as new ones these last few months and when all is said and done relationships are the most important way for us to invest our time.

This Christmas may you treasure every second with your family & friends, don't get caught on the hamster wheel.

Blessings 2 U Friends

Saturday, December 20, 2008

FINALLY got a few things finished YIPPEE

Well I was able to finish Gavin's Christmas present and my No Melt Southern Snowball ornaments are listed on ETSY.

Got the Christmas Tree decorated last night after falling off the ladder & breaking one of my vintage glass angels & possibly my tail bone AGAIN!

The garage sale went fairly well we sold a few things and the rest are going to Goodwill.

Casper was seen again this morning at Dr. Wolf's and his eye is healing the iris prolapsed through the laceration so now we have to keep his Elizabethan Collar on and medications 5 x a day for the next 10 days until his next recheck.

Now to clean up the house again & finish wrapping the few little gifts the kids are getting, we are not buying lots of gifts because we bought them all tickets to the World Series so they better remember that gift.

Can't stay sitting long it is too painful so this is short!!

Help our Economy & buy HANDMADE IN AMERICA!

Blessings 2 U Friends!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wonderful Christmas Idea....if you live where it is cold

I came across this beautiful idea this morning. Taking old or new doilies
(for you whippersnappers they were on the backs of Grandma's chairs, couch or on the arms)
placing them in plates or pie pans and flooding them then set them out to freeze.
She then hung them on her patio....They remind me of Snowflakes.

Just beautiful but alas that won't last long here in 82 degree weather so I am going to enjoy her video throughout Christmas.

Just a few things to focus on today...shipping a stool to a lovely customer from ETSY
Finishing my Southern Snowballs to list on ETSY
Getting ready for the company Christmas Party at the Yacht first time to the Club since moving here ooooh la la
Putting Medication in Casper's eye every two hours
Find some more things for tomorrow & Saturdays Garage Sale Yes for you northerners I know this seems odd but remember it's still warm enough for shorts here.

Blessings 2 U Friends

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still hanging in there...I think I am!

Well I don't know about you friends but I can barely find time to breathe these days?
I am not one to over-schedule during the holidays & I usually say NO to any extra activities in order to maintain my sanity.
This month has been full of unexpected activities that have to be done, outside of daily things, like laundry, dishwasher, school etc. Apparently we are going to end the year the same way it began.

Saturday's 2nd annual Hooker's Christmas Party was the highlight of my week. Sahara & I drove the hour to Lake Jovita just arriving seconds before Susan.
Jonnys house was beautiful as always and she had 3 different breakfast breads & coffee waiting for us.

After checking out what 'new' things she created we sat down to do a little hooking and exchange gifts before group pictures.
Lunch was served & we had a delicious Beef Soup/Stew with an assortment of Cheese & crackers, cucumbers & hummus and for dessert, homemade pumpkin pie.
Here are Maggie's Twin Rugs

One of our class projects for next year
Then started the chaos ...I got a text that Casper's eye was bleeding & swollen shut, so Sahara & I packed up and raced home. Where I quickly assessed this needed to be checked by a Vet. While everyone changed into their recital outfits I found a Vet in the area we were going for the Christmas Recitals. DH dropped Casper & I off at the Vet and drove down the road to the recital.

An hour later & another $120 Casper was now on 5 medications, 3 are ointments that needed to be rotated every 2 hours and a referral to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, I started walking towards the Church 1/4 mile down the road carrying the dog.
While walking I found $10 on the side of the road, this comes into play later!
We gathered the kids up and orders for Meredith & Sarah and drove for to Mickey D's for a quick bite before the next Recital stared. Casper was a trouper and after eating a hamburger he slept through the second one.
Meredith made an announcement regarding recital fees...which I had forgotten to pay....ahhh $10 THANK YOU GOD!

We missed the Church Christmas Party and on the way home got the call that Tim needed help putting Gavin's tube back in, he is now weighing in at 11 lbs 12 oz and will be 5 mo old next week, only gaining 9 oz since the hospital released him on the 1st, so we headed over there next and we finally got home around 9 pm
The rest of the weekend is a blur as I have had minimal sleep, getting up every two hours to put ointment in Casper's eye. I do remember our family did the reading & lit the Advent candle at church.

Monday I called my Vet for a referral to an Ophthalmologist and made his appointment for today. We drove to Tampa & Dr. Wolf is WONDERFUL, he sent me home with more medications along with orders to continue the ointment every two hours for another 48 hrs and return on Saturday.
Great I still need to put up our Christmas Decorations and get ready for a Garage Sale to try to recoup these Vet bills.

Here is just one of the items I mailed off to Yvonne my Christmas Gift Exchange Buddy...

Did I mention the day before DH left on his business trip he snapped the shower head off ? It was leaking down the inside of the wall, which of course he had to cut open. So I was changing a towel in the wall every 3 hours to soak up the drips until I thought of stuffing a #8 cut wool strip into the front of the pipe to wick the water into the shower & not the wall on Monday.

Libby & those of you who asked there is nothing definite on the relocation yet, which makes me happy since the weather everywhere else seems to be FRIGID! It also means we can spend Christmas with the kids and I won't miss Hooking in Sebring with Polly in January!

A couple Rugs from Class on the 6th
Jonny's Pig

Melanie's Stained Glass Dragonfly

Forgive me I have forgotten who hooked these...

Here is Casper after today's Vet visit with his brand new Elizabethan Collar

Time for his meds again as well as more laundry before our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Class this evening.


*disclaimer* any incomplete thoughts or sentences/ misspelled words or inaccurate credit given is due to lack of R.E.M. sleep and blog author should be forgiven.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little gun shy right now

First I want to thank everyone who is praying for Gavin, for all of you who have written notes of encouragement regarding the possible relocation, and those who have emailed & called your kindness and love these last few weeks has been the glue that held me together. Cheryl in Texas please check your email and the group board I can't reach you.

My desktop is finally up and working again and I have been able to reload my contacts/photos & music so far the last two days. I haven't completely reloaded everything and am a little gun shy to do so for fear I might have the thing crash again.

Christmas Crafts day was a much needed time to get a few items done for gifts. I don't know about you but I enjoy creating things, I enjoy giving them to my friends & family too! I finished up a gift exchange with Yvonne in Indiana and got it mailed off this morning during our Tornado Watch. I would show you a couple of the things I sent her but I don't want to spoil the surprise!

I also finished stitching the dates on the backs of the kids ornaments (I purchased at The Barn) last night but I know Brittany reads this occasionally and I don't want to spoil that surprise either. I am almost finished with a little thing I hope to have up on Etsy so I can show you that soon.

The 2nd Annual Hookers Christmas Party is this Saturday & I am so excited, I have Jonny's gift all bagged up since Thanksgiving. I have to write out the cards for the girls and maybe a little gift too.

Well back to husband is due home around midnight! :-)

Blessings 2 U Friends!

Someone emailed & asked about little Caylee Anthony and yes they do think they found that precious little girls body just a block or so from her Grandparents home, such a shame.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Today is Christmas Crafts Day ... YEAH

First off Gavin is holding his own, he still vomits up some of his daytime feedings and is on the NG feeding tube & pump at night. Every other day he is yanking out his tube so we have to hold him down & reinstert it.

Saturday's prim class fun we mostly shopped and talked about the 2nd Annual Hookers Christmas Party next Saturday. Susan was so sweet, she brought me a Birthday gift of Primitive Potpourri and a beeswax Belsnickle in his own wool bag.

Helen gave me two pieces of Monks Cloth to draw out another "Blue Moon" for the shop and any other pattern I choose....any thoughts ladies & gents?

Saturday afternoon/night was babysitting Gavin time and my dh left Sunday before dawn to head to Microsoft in Seattle for a few days then to Chicago. I think they are finishing his Microsoft brainwashing. :-) We packed as many Christmas gifts as we could in his suitcase for my bff Cheri & Denise along with some things for Rachies birthday. On the way home from church I received a text message that he forgot to pack his dress shoes since there was no room after the gifts. :-) Sorry hun!

Yesterday we spent the day watching all the taped episodes of "Whatever Martha" and just laughed the entire afternoon. Alexis & Jennifer are a stitch!
Check them out on the Fine Living Network
Today we are going to get some of our Christmas Crafts done that have been piling up so tomorrow I may have some photos to post of the fun. Southern Snowballs, Vintage Tin Tiles, Gavin's Christmas Present, Snowball Bath Salts are just a few of the things on the list for today.

Blessings 2 U Friends

Just wanted to add this wonderful giveaway from Crazy Ladies Primitives & Piney woods Primtiives are giving away a$10.00 Web Gift Certificate.
just log onto Crazy Ladies Primtives Blog on the right under my links of Fellow Artisans & Friends .

Thursday, December 04, 2008

21 days until Christmas can you say STRESSED?

After getting Gavin home Monday night I thought things would calm down & be quiet this week...but if you have been reading my blog this year you know that is NOT GOD'S plan for me in 2008. They say it is acid reflux still, however I would like to know why the meds aren't stopping it then...also that he has a protien intolerance so he is on a special formula that has nothing in it.

Tuesday was spent trying to catch up on grading the kids school and reviewing Tyler's literature. I needed to try to reinstall my OS on my desktop so I could get to my prayer warriors emails & update them, the photo's for the Rug Hooking blog so I could update one of the traveling rugs... it was not cooperating. The phone rang numerous times the last of which was my son asking if I could come watch Gavin so he could register for a class at the college. We packed up and headed over there around 2pm and he was back around 4:30. Here he is playing with Uncle Tyler (he pulled his tube out earlier in the morning)
The kids & I got home and started where we left off, Larry came home, we ate dinner (I think) and as I was trying to focus on the school papers the phone rang again, Tim needed help to put Gavin's NG tube back in, so I threw on a coat *yes it was actually chilly here* and drove over to help. When I finally got back home I had such a headache I fell asleep in front of the fire with my head on the chairs arm.

Wednesday was much better, although I didn't get the traditional breakfast in bed (I was awake before everyone else) I did have a relaxing morning while the family played with my antique looking radio that can play records (remember those?) CD's, Cassettes (some of you whipper snappers might recall them) and MP3 players it will also transfer them to MP3 or CD. So Larry and the kids dragged out all my old 45's (I was foolish enough to throw out my album collection, about 60+ albums in my 20's or maybe not so foolish after yesterday) and played them until I finished a nice long bath and made them go on a four mile walk at Ft. Fraser Trail. (I would include the link but my browser on the laptop now crashes if I open a second window)
We got home in time to clean up and have Sushi for dinner before heading off to our Financial Peace Class. David & Lori brought Chocolate Cake to celebrate the other Dave & my Birthday.

I have managed to do a few loads of laundry today before Gavin arrived at noon. I will be taking him home around 7pm to hook him up to his feeding pump and wait for Tim to get home from work around 11 pm. I am hoping to get those school papers graded after he goes to sleep around 8 tonight.

The few bags of small gifts I have will wait another day to be wrapped and Christmas decorations won't be going up until sometime next week as Saturday is Primitives Class/Piano Recital and the Church Christmas Party, Sunday I think I will be too tired to decorate since Larry flies out on business at 6am. Even my poor Christmas Swap Partner Yvonne is waiting for her gifts. . . sorry Yvonne. Soon I promise!

This was a banner on the trail that I just thought was very accurate

Blessings 2 U Friends