Saturday, March 15, 2008

Party is over time to clean up

This afternoon I reminded Bogie & Birdie they needed to clean up after the week of Partying.
Mom & Dad are due home early in the morning.....

So of course Bogie makes Birdie do the vacuuming

While he went outside to play catch

Now someone needs to clean my house....4 hrs of sleep & cleaning up the boards has run my energy level to ZERO
So this is going to be short & sweet! TODAY was a PERFECT Day ...if the world ended tonight I would be joyful that my last day was Chamber of Commerce PERFECT

Humidity: 62%
Barometer: 29.86 in
Wind: 25 mph, SW
Feels like: 82°
Dewpoint: 66°
Updated: 6:45 p.m.

Oh and the pipe is seems the first repair held, the pipe below the one that had to be cut and repaired mysteriously had two spots that were leaking (very close to the locations where cuts were made in the first pipe) hmmmm....

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