Thursday, March 13, 2008

WHY won't MEN listen to a WOMAN?

After hubby fixes the pipe he starts filling in the hole...I ask Did you test it first?

Why not?

Because it needs to dry?

Okay then why are you filling in the hole?

I don't want someone to fall in it.

I am thinking yah...We get so much traffic through the side of the driveway from the neighbors front yard...

That was apparently the reason the first time that it got fixed all wonky, we didn't have the right stuff & it was getting dark, didn't want someone to fall in the hole. Then of course OUT OF SITE OUT OF MIIND.

Never mind the fact that we have a boat load of wood & plywood in the garage, of course none of them would have fit over that hole I am sure....

Then after letting Bogie & Birdie out this morning, feeding them breakfast, hauling out the ladder & getting Bogies ball out of the gutter.

I returned home & had Son #2 call and ask if he turned the water on? NOPE blah blah blah needed to dry.

Okay turn it on & water the plants in the front far so good hmmmm

turn on the drive side so the bush that had it's roots exposed yesterday gets watered back in...

In comes daughter #2 there is a weird noise out front...& it's flooding...

Sure enough leaking again....

Well this time I am NOT digging out the hole for him once is enough!

Off to my appointments....

Have a great day!

Blessings 2 U Friends

1 comment:

Rachael said...

They're not a lot brighter or more useful this side of 'The Pond' either Tammy. Deep breath.
Just mind you don't damage your back like I did moving a good quarter ton of gravel from front to back garden!