Friday, March 21, 2008

Settle Down Now Just Settle Down

We are getting a little bit more settled into the school routine...a little....

Thursday was a 'free' day so to speak since my friend Susan came over from Tampa & we dyed wool all afternoon & into the early evening.

The kids were supposed to be working on school but Tyler hid in his brothers room & watched him play WARCRACK he knew I would be busy & he could fly under the radar most of the afternoon. Sahara hung out with us in the kitchen since dyeing wool is much more interesting than practicing penmanship.
I did manage to get them to finish their jobs & practice piano at some point. Then Monk came on and that was the end of daughter has become a MONKophile, which I suppose isn't all bad since he does use logical thinking skills...hopefully they will catch on and master that skill.

Photos to follow...we are off to piano lessons.

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