Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another one bites the dust..

Dentist visit that is!!! The permanent crown is on the tooth that fractured, had a root canal, broke, had a temp crown put on, the temp crown broke...FINALLY!
The last 'urgent' tooth had the old Temp Crown removed (and I do mean old, 3-4yrs old) they did a little work on it & put a NEW temp crown on it.
GOD willing I won't be back for at least 3 weeks when the permanent crown arrives....

so todays bill for the 'new temp' crown (since I have used up my 'dental' allowance already) DRUM ROLL PLEASE..........


Due to the huge bill I am using a hamster to power my computer this evening...

So I have to type fast & make this short so I can publish it before I loose the information.

We did visit with Grandma briefly yesterday before she left for Utah. First stop was the shop to deliver Amy's custom MOOSE dyed wool and the pattern of an old School House, then we were off to the Home.

No one was there when we arrived, I was afraid we were late & wouldn't be able to spend much time with her before they left.
The nurses were getting her dressed so we waited in the hall. When we came in she was in her wheelchair, eyes closed.
Since my voice is still gone & her hearing is so bad I had Tyler tell her we were here in her good ear. She opened her eyes a little looked at us and managed a slight smile. So I asked the nurse if they gave her pain meds for the flight, she really didn't answer & said she was being talkative, really? Saturday she was much more alert, eyes open & VERY coherent & talkative.

Eventually my Uncle & Aunt arrived as we were heading to the Dining room for her lunch. That might be what made my voice go bye bye, the cold air blasting on me Saturday while Grandma ate her dinner.

She still didn't open her eyes but I fed her lunch, her last meal here in Florida. She ate almost the entire meal!
The flight was supposed to leave at 5:30 and I had hoped for an update on how she fared today but I didn't get a call yet.
However since I can't talk that much I am emailing my cousin & my Uncle hopefully the address' I was given on Saturday will work & I will know by bedtime (which is going to be fairly soon I am BEAT).

On a positive note, my bolt of Polly Minicks wool arrived today!! Thank you Polly & Thank you Laurie!

Hoping to post photos of it hooked into the Folk Art Game board rug tomorrow
I also have 5 yrds of wool to dye *chipping away at that ginormus dental bill*

Blessings 2 U Friend

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