Friday, March 21, 2008

a slight delay....due to CHAOS lol

After 1/2 a dozen various phone calls & emails I finally have a free moment .............
Well I spoke too soon the phone rang as I was typing this right now........
I guess I should back up a bit to my last post heading out the door...
Hubby said he would take the kids to piano..great I can finish grading their papers & put together an order maybe even deliver it. I called & Nonie is not home so I leave a message...ring it's my friend Cheryl who emailed earlier that her pug Jasmine has stones in her bladder...Jasmine isn't due to have surgery to remove them until next week which is odd especially since they were palatable through her abdomen wall. I ask some questions and tell her what to watch for in the meantime, seems the Vet didn't xray or tell her what to watch for in the duration, give her Dr. Mac's number if she can't reach her Vet. Her Vet tells her to bring Jasmine in tomorrow morning, standby mode. So she is going to call the Emergency Vet Clinic to see if they would be able to do anything to help her as she is straining now.
Meanwhile I figure we have nothing planned and it is now 6:30 I will see if hubby wants to grab a bite out since piano lessons are an hour each this week to make up for last weeks reschedule debacle thanks to the pipe mishap & a small crisis on Meredith's end the following day.
Great he will run back & pick me up and I will lock up & let our dogs out before I leave...while outside up the street drives Tim, of course always happens when they are outside because they run right to his car so excited to see him home. UGH
Round them all up & put him in charge as we are heading out to grab a bite. Drop off Sahara for her lessons pick up Tyler head around the block to Steak N Shake while waiting for my steakburger I check mail...nothing new. When we finished we went back to pick up Sahara it's 7:45 and I check mail again...two messages on the house voicemail so I call to check as one is from Cheryl & one from Jean who is supposed to pick up the power cord for her computer that hubby fixed. This means the eldest is not answering the phone so either he left or is STILL playing WarCrack...yup playing warcrack & didn't hear the phone, well listen for Jean she is on her way over. Well I can't hear because the dogs have been barking since you left
Did you go check why? NO they bark everytime you leave...
It is now 8:05 we swing back through Steak N Shakes drive up, grab Sahara a kid meal and head home, I call Cheryl back and the Emergency Clinic is going to call her when they slow down a bit and she can bring her right in. Jean wasn't here yet and Cheryl is off to the Emergency Vet now, call Jean to find out the reason the dogs were barking for 15 minutes ( heh heh since I was gone) was she was at the front door since it was open but the screen was locked waiting for someone to answer. Mr. Crack head couldn't come see what they were barking at though. ARGH So glad he will be married soon and out of the house again! While rotating laundry the phone rings it's Helen from the shop making sure I am okay since I didn't come in on Tuesday. She forgot I mentioned their school work for the year was supposed to be here & I needed to get them going on that right away. I have the wool I dyed for the shop and will bring it to Primitives Class in the Morning. What a sweetie to check on me and make sure things are okay.

The phone rang again as I started this post with my BFF who was shoveling 9 inches of surprise snow in her drive & she has terrible pain in her behind. After a half dozen questions I am pretty sure her hip popped out & pinched the nerve in the meantime the other line rings and it's Cheryl the Emerg. Vet is going to remove the 6 stones tonight and the cyst on Jasmines eyelid, Praise God this woman at least is thorough she did xray the bladder!
So now after a longer than expected delay I bring you dye day photos...
The Plaid that wouldn't dye (or die) we tried a multitude of colors.

This was an attempt with Susan's Antique Dyes, I think...not strong enough
Multiple attempts in various colors & my Cushing's Dyes

The one on the far left is my favorite as well as the solid sage green & rose next to it
Here are a few more variations and colors

Then a brief intermission while we went out to see the Black Racer Sahara found while searching for insects to finish her Science project...

More photo's tomorrow of the PLAID THAT WOULDN'T DYE and other 'slip ups' during our dye day!

Blessings 2 U Friend

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