Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Sunday night that tooth was hurting so bad I had my hubby call the Dentist & ask for pain meds.
If you have been a 'regular' reader of my blog you will know that I try to avoid any narcotic, thanks to my mother's addiction.
I have joked that a lifetime prescription of Valium should be written upon giving birth and I might still stand by that since I have another Teenage Mutant living in the house now and a twenty something mutant back at home. However this would be just to prevent me from strangling them and committing a sin.

So after getting a hold of him I say let's go get it, hubby says...It's only 10 minutes away,
me-yeah 10 there & 10 back and 30 more to start to kill the pain, if I go it's 10 less that I am in pain..>DUH
We get there at 9pm and of course every snowbird in the county is having their rx's filled at THIS pharmacy the line is halfway around the store. So hubby whips into a parking space & runs in....tic toc tic toc tic toc....10 minutes later the drive up is empty...tic toc tic toc....out he comes 5 minutes later...nothing in his hands.......PANIC

Dr. Chris still hasn't called it in, do you have his emergancy number?
UH NO I am sitting in the car in the oversized t-shirt I plan to sleep in, no shoes, my purse (I think) and a bottle of water so I can swallow that pill.
I start rifling through my purse, no business card, no phone (it's in the charger at home) no number. . . tic toc tic toc
He sits there trying to figure out the number (he's not real good at short term memory games, heck he's not always good at long term memory games) I say gee doesn't your 'cool' phone have internet access? Yeah..GOOGLE his name & call the office the emergency number is on the machine! tic toc tic toc
So he gets the number tic toc tic toc gets Dr. Chris on the phone, says no he is outside but he will run (and he does) back in...
tic toc tic toc 9:30pm....

9:45 he comes out with the bag YEAH.... Dr. Chris said he would call back & hung up before Hubby could get to the pharmacist with his cell phone....he had to wait another 10 minutes for him to call the pharmacy.
I was just contemplating going in & looking for a pair of pliers so I could YANK the Darn thing out myself!!!!

So longer story short....I had to take another pill at 1am before it dulled the pain enough for me to doze off at 3am...
Of course I am awakened at 7:30 by one of the dogs, hubby dear was busy & didn't notice the dog wanted out to go potty, so they came to get me up since they know Mom will let them out...
Another temp crown was put on at 10am after novocaine to dull the rest of the pain!

More on the Grandma adventure tomorrow after the DENTIST appointment!!

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Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

You POOR thing!! I know your pain!
last year I had to have 2 root canals...the first one OH man! I had this horrible pain for 4 days before the antibiotics got rid of the infection...it was worse than child birth...the kind of pain that makes you shake all over...oh it was awful! I hope your feeling better!! They did not put crowns on either of my root canals yet..don't know what they are waiting for...maybe for me to be in pain again?? NOT FUN..but your too funny!