Sunday, March 09, 2008 woman

Yesterday I ended up working at the shoppe as the owners were at founders day. We had our core group of hookers and had a good time chatting!

After getting home I was reminded by my hubby that I needed to finish my year end paperwork so he could finish our taxes.

Now I don't usually have a problem with doing paperwork or even tax paperwork & normally love using my electric calculator, however that broke a few years back & I have been AVOIDING any type of math paperwork. The sound of the machine typing those numbers onto the paper tape (that I could instantly see if I hit the wrong number) was actually enjoyable.

Realizing I had not printed the year end reports for my Credit Card, Orders, Shipping & Processing Fees I sat down to do that. Gee guess what the printer is out of more the dogs want to go out....let them out & back in....gee I am thirsty now....grabbed a bottle of water....printed off one the dogs want their dinner.....fed the I have to go to the the dogs need to go out again....eventually they were all printed and it was about 9 pm.

With the solar/battery operated calculator in hand, the files, reports I sit down with my pencil (freshly sharpened) to start adding up the receipts not once but at least twice, with no tape to double check so you have to do it at least twice sometimes 3-5 times.
Turned on 48 hours and started sorting receipts for the first quarter. At about 11pm I realize there is only a few columns with numbers in them & I might as well start fresh tomorrow.

So that is what I did after 2 cups of decaf coffee & a small fire started in the fireplace for the dogs after feeding them breakfast & letting them out.
It is now 8:30 and I am halfway done, the day was pretty much a repeat of the previous evening with some wool dying thrown in for good measure and 2 trips down the street to take care of the CORGI BABIES while their humans are playing in VEGAS.

Hey Jan & Marty if you check back I might have photo's of the 4 legged kids partying like there's no tomorrow while your away!!!

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