Monday, December 31, 2007

Short & Sweet

I just want to wish you a Safe & Happy New Year!
May this year bring you many joyful surprises,
may you achieve your hearts dream
& may you be blessed with people that love you unconditionally!


Friday, December 28, 2007

If you can't beat them......make lemonade

Growing up in Northeast Illinois on the Wisconsin border you learn certain things

First and foremost "If it's nice outside get out and enjoy it because it WON'T last

It is called the 'Windy City' for a reason

Winter starts around Halloween & ends around Mother's Day

Pick a Halloween Costume that you can incorporate mittens & your winter coat into or that you can hide it under

Easter hats will be blown off you head if they are not tied under your chin

Easter shoes have no treads therefore you will fall down & rip your rights or soil your dress when you walk on the icy snow unless you are being held by each hand and those people can lift you by your arms

Yes your toungue will stock to metal if it is below 40 degrees

There us no guarantee of snow during Christmas Break

Wind chills are real & should be taken seriously

Tornados are random so listen for the tornado sirens

1 week of 90 degrees with humidify is really NOT HOT!

It took me 10 Years here in Florida to deprogram myself of the first leason
The weather is always sunny & warm here it is just a matter of how warm

Thunderstorms back home can be enjoyed by playing outside in them as long as the temps are above 60
You run for cover inside during a storm here unless you have a desire to be toast

Category 1 anything is Kite flying weather!
Category 2 is a spring storm back home
Category 3 is when you plan a party
Category 4 is when the tourists leave
Category 5 is stay inside & pray you don't loose power so the kids will stay entertained & you don't loose the air-conditioning
(this mostly applies to those inland)

When it is 80 degrees at Christmas play tourist & start your tan early!

Here are a few of the FINAL Holiday Decorations
The Mantle

The mantle with the flash
The Tree Before the Gift Opening Onslaught
The Kids Gingerbread Houses
Otis w/ his bobo
Emma w/her bobo
Casper w/his bobo
Finally Harley w/his bobo

Don't take photo's with Mom's Camera ....she might put them on the blog......

Monday, December 24, 2007

Soli Deo Gloria

I want to wish each & every one of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
May you feel the love that was given to us 2007 years ago,
the love GOD has for us, love enough to become a man, so that he could die for our sins and save our souls from Hell.
Nothing we can buy, make or do will ever amount to the gift we have been given.

Blessings 2 U Friends.

Merry Christmas

Well I can say with 98% confidence that all the gifts are wrapped & under the tree!
50% of our decorations are up this year (some must still be in the attic) but since I am the one to put them up & take them down that is just fine with me!

I also finally broke down & paid another $10 to have the photo's of our PRIMITIVE HOOKERS CHRISTMAS PARTY developed.
Can I just say I think paying $25 for a 'disposable digital camera' to then have to pay another $10 to develop the photos (which by the way are not the best quality) and then they keep the camera to repackage & sell again is a RIP OFF!

Okay now to the pictures.
This is our instructors home, she designed this rug and hooked a square a month. This was supposed to be finished in December, however since she is too good, she finished it in October!
This is her 'formal living room' note the blue Santa with the Cardinal on his arm...The Cardinal was made from her Mothers Coat & Santa's Coat is made from her Fathers saddle blanket.....ISN'T that the sweetest thing? To top it off she made all her sisters & nieces a cardinal too!

These are just a few of the ladies who made the party,
In front left to right is Susan & Amy
on the sofa Sherry, Melanie, Helen (owner of the little shop where we meet), Jonny & Joy. They are ALL such a wonderful group of women!
This is our instructor, Primitive Folk Artist Jonny Scott. and behind her is a little diorama she made of her Grandparents Hardware Store in Kansas.
Well that is it for now, I need to finish painting a raised dog feeder for my eldest daughter, she is giving it to her boyfriend tomorrow. LOVE these late projects!
I am going to take photos of the decorations & tree before the mayhem ensues!

Blessings 2 U Friends
May your hearts be filled to overflowing on this eve of our Saviors Birth!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Chaos

It would seem no matter how hard I try to leave the commitments in December to a minimum, piano recitals (2), we always have something that needs to be done each day!

I have been trying to finish decorating for Christmas, thankfully not all of our decoration boxes were brought out, yet the tree is still bare!

Gifts remain unwrapped
presents still not made or bought (I am really trying to make them more than purchase)

I haven't written a single card this year usually they are mailed the day after Thanksgiving

I have wanted to post here daily but something else on the list keeps calling

So I thought I would share a couple of recent photos instead

This is a little old Church that someone updated a little then listed For Sale
(of course at triple their purchase price)
I would love to purchase this place and make it into a little shoppe
In my little shoppe I would sell supplies for Rug Hooking,
all types of stitching and of course Coffee & Scones,
while holding classes to teach folks on these arts
just like the mothers & grandmothers did a few generations ago
The front porch would have white rockers with tables so when it is beautiful here (like now) folks could sit on the front porch and stitch or hook the day away enjoying each others company.

While on a business trip in to Chicago my dh was nice enough to take my BFFF's Christmas Gifts up with him.
She ALWAYS sends him home with a gift for me
Let me just say her gifts are NEVER small
enough to stick in his suitcase ROTFLMBO
This is what he brought home earlier this year

After he spent the evening helping his twin brother (they aren't really but her husband and he are soo much alike it's scary) install his big screen high def tv the boys watched Da Bears' had a few beers & smoked a cigar

In return she sent home with him with this gift an antique mantle mirror!!
They always know the bestest present & can torture your hubby like no one else can!!!

Okay back to the list of things....almost finished with a swap for my buddy Betty, While Jan's gift dries, then it's time to rotate the laundry....again, unload the dishwasher....again,wrap a few gifts after I find boxes and start decorating the tree....
This is all the decorating I have finished

Friday, December 14, 2007


Creativity vs. Reality

So today starts off with a bang...not literally.
Let's go back shall we? Back to Wednesday...set the Way Back Machine
Mr. Peabody...
We drove to the Gaylord Palms to experience ICE
Now before you jump to conclusions we didn't go that far back and
YES I have experienced Winter...33years of N.E. Illinois winters.
However my youngest two do not remember what it was like, that
along with the fact that I am OVER these 80 degree temps my eldest
son surprised his girlfriend with tickets & his old mother with her Biirthday
I will try to add photo's later but if things keep going the way they have been
that won't happen. My to do list just keeps growing longer with nothing getting
checked off.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Apple Rocks!

I got a phone call from the Apple store in Tampa on Thursday. They were so gracious after our disappointing visit Monday. The manager asked me to come back and they would take our check along with giving me a discount. After church today we drove back out to the mall & I got my iPhone! I am blogging from it right now! No more antique phone! I am so excited that I will be able to do so much more from just about anywhere!
So while I learn all I can do with my new phone & get some things finished up around here I want to say from the bottom of my heart
Blessings 2 U friends!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


I had told a few folks I was going to update my 'gifts' on Tuesday or Wednesday...I didn't

See it started Sunday when I wore a pair of 2" heeled shoe/boots to church, all of 2 hours I had these on, and messed up my crooked spine. The muscle in my left shoulder blade area (trapeziod?) started tightening up & gave me a dull headache all week.
I had my scheduled adjustment on Thursday & usually within hours it is better, the headache is gone. Well not this time! The muscle is hanging on almost as strongly as those last 30lbs I have to loose have been!!

Meanwhile I didn't go to work at the Wool Shop Tuesday as I needed to clean the house, decorate for the "Ladies Holiday Party", finish a 1/2 dozen other things along with the daily chores that didn't get done Monday.

My teenager informs me on Thursday night (after me asking 5 times) that the dress pants I purchased for him in May no longer fit.

My daughter also needs a pink leotard, pink tutu as hers no longer fit.....When do we need these you ask ....Friday Night for the 1st recital of course.

Don't forget we have piano lessons Friday afternoon! So we race to 2 stores NO pants in his size, they are all too big in the waist or if they fit they are way to short (GEE imagine the right length pants TOOO BIG in the waist cuz your TOOO THIN). Thankfully the 'sick' elder daughter went to "chinaworld" while we were still at lessons & dance rehearsal and found everything we needed! So now to meet up with her en route home to clean up, eat something fast & change clothes before heading over to the recital.
Okay we survived that rush, the recital went well! I go to bed at 10 pm cuz I am exhausted and still have this stinking headache/muscle thing.

I completely forgot to set my 'antique phone alarm' and of course the dogs all decide to sleep in, not waking up at the usual 6:30 - 7:00 am.
So I lazily wake up at 8:20, which on any other day would be wonderful, except this morning I am supposed to be 45 minutes away at Primitives Class, and should have been in the car 20 minutes ago. No problem I toss on clean clothes jump in the car with a banana, almond butter & Wheat Free Raisin Scone to eat when I get there, Arriving only 20 minutes late I actually hooked some of the challenge piece in 3 hours. Not alot cuz this headache is still there! Now I have to confess I hooked this part last night during the recital but had to pull it out 2 times because I lost a worm and didn't realize that until we were leaving & I made Sparky take one last look under the seats when the lights came up.

After class I race home to clean up & change clothes again before the ladies arrive to find the only pair of jeans that fit me are not dry yet oh well damp it is!
We had a fabulous time eating & talking. I got to chat with our potential Pastors wife, she is so easy to talk to, maybe because she is a Psychologist? I am hoping it is because we grew up in the same general region of Northern Illinois and I think are around the same age!

We had a White Elephant exchange/swap/steal & too much food before it was time to put the leftovers away, get the kids redressed for tonights recital & rush out the door for that 30 minute drive. Still have that headache that is making my eardrum hurt. So on the way home we stop at the corner pharmacy store & pick up some Motrin, a heat patch thingy (which of course I didn't notice is for lower backs & not shoulder area, which I am wearing like Ms. Americas state sash so I can update this finally!
OH I have good news to post tomorrow!!!
In the meantime here are Tuesdays gifts...

Jan (a dear neighbor down the street that I dog sit her Corgi's) came up to sing happy birthday to me and brought me these Holiday Socks & a Custom made card.

Tuesday night Cheryl (who sent me the Hoops & Yoyo card) came by with my gifts....

I also received a Birthday voicemail Monday Night & email from Ali in Athens GA.

Wednesday my eldest son informs me he is purchasing a ticket for me to someplace I can not mention just yet because it is also a surprise for his next Wednesday we are going someplace beautiful!

I will post photo's afterwards

In the meantime I will change my music lineup tomorrow, as I am about OVER Christmas music for the week!!!!

I also will try to post some other friends links or banners (when I learn how) in the next week, suggestions & tips for banner links are welcome!

Blessings 2 U Friends

Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Birthday - Blessings

Well as much as I hate getting older, and my Birthdays in the past usually involved my gifts being 'combined' with my Christmas Gifts (which doesn't mean bigger or bettter).
Today was nearly the perfect birthday!

We we were going to also go to the Henry B. Plant museum to see the Victorian Christmas Stroll.
Sparky didn't remember going 10 years ago (he was only 5) and obviously neither did Mini Martha, since she was only 10 months old

I got to sleep an extra 45 minutes, after the 7am text message from my oldest daughter (THANK YOU JESSICA) wait until your 23rd Birthday!!!!

After waking up with a horrible headache (I watched Pictures of Hollis Woods, the Hallmark movie and cried the entire show) I grabbed some acetaminophen and aspirin with a cup of coffee crawled back in bed for the Traditional Birthday Breakfast in Bed. Wheat Free Blueberry Pancakes with REAL Maple Syrup, Sliced Bananas with Almond Butter (peanut butter with almonds not peanuts). I had 3 gifts to open with Breakfast ...a small Ironstone style pitcher

a copper heart mold

and a lovely handmade ornament from Mini Martha
I also received a Birthday Card with my favorite Characters from Jessica"

A Belgian Birthday wish from my long lost Braski and his wife
"le jour de gloire
happy 36th missy
us from over that big body of water"

I also received Birthday wishes from the PRHG this morning

Even THE QUEEN stopped to post a note

So it started out to be a PERFECT DAY. Right before we were heading out the door I see a small brown and white dog bolting down the back hill through our bushes, realizing Sparky forgot to let Otis in 15 minutes ago. Don't know if the dog was in the busy road behind our house or not but he wasn't injured!
After loading the car up and hitting the bank for cash it was off to Tampa

I got to see photos of the Smokey Mountains (via a National Geographic Sparky brought along) I got to hook on the way, listen to Newsboys/U2/and Pirates Of the Caribbean/Louis Armstrong then we saw Johnny Depp as Jack full size Statue

We ate Soft Shell Crab and ate a Sushi place, stopped at BALLARD Design where realized some of the things they have I can now purchase direct through the wholesale company they use woo hoo!

I bought two balsam cedar sachets for Hubby at Caswell and Massey, purchased a large measuring spoon to match the one I won from CM a few years back at William and Sonoma

saw the mirrors and butterfly decorations at Neiman Marcus again
Had a Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Iced Coffee and Chocolate Mint Brownie do you see the small piece left, I shared it with my dear hubby

So do you notice what is missing?

Look closely

That's right my iphone, apparently you must use a credit card and we only brought cash and checks.....LOVELY do you think they could warn you on the commercials? Or maybe the online Apple Store?, or maybe when you go to the actual stores link to get DIRECTIONS they might tell you that you can only purchase an iphone with a CREDIT CARD?????


Myspace Quotes, Glitter Graphics, Hello Comments, Dividers, TagWorld layouts, and HTML codes

I did get the new OS Leopard for my mac and iwork , so now I can work on our brochures and the CM database for the area group
Oh and I got a $40 dollar boob job
Yes after nursing 4 children they are back where they belong
thanks to my new Victoria's Secret Bra.

The kids were too funny as neither one would come into the store (remember we are talking one is a 15 yr old boy) Mini Martha kept beeping her father from the entry telling him "Stay out of the lingerie store" each time he would go out & the minute he came back to check on my total she would beep him again.

We didn't end up going to the Museum either. All in all an almost perfect day.
Just received another e-card of my favorite Characters from my downline and dear friend Cheryl

Monday, November 26, 2007

Parents who Drugged us...

I received this email from a friend this morning.
We are part of a little club we like to call "The Mean Moms", don't say OH your not mean.....We Love our Title & we are PROUD of it! I am not here to be my children's friends, I love them dearly but teaching them right from wrong is my primary job! If we can be friends later in life that is GREAT but I am their Mother first & foremost. If they make a mistake THEY need to face the consequences, I will not bail them out of trouble. I can help them think through the possible avenues however just as the choice is theirs, the outcome is also theirs!

The other day, someone at a store in our town read that a Methamphetamine lab had been found in an old farmhouse in the adjoining county and he asked me a rhetorical question, ''Why didn't we have a drug problem when you and I were growing up?

''I replied, I had a drug problem when I was young. I was drug to church on Sunday morning. I was drug to church for weddings and funerals. I was drug to family reunions and community socials no matter the weather.
I was drug by my ears when I was disrespectful to adults. I was also drug to the "woodshed" when I disobeyed my parents, told a lie, did not speak with respect, spoke ill of the teacher or the preacher, or if I didn't put forth my best effort in everything that was asked of me.

I was drug to the kitchen sink to have my mouth washed out with soap if I uttered a profanity. I was drug out to pull weeds in mom's garden and flower beds and cockle-burs out of dad's fields. I was drug to the homes of family, friends, and neighbors to help out some poor soul who had no one to mow the yard, repair the clothesline, carry in stuff from a car and, if my mother had ever known that I took a single dime as a tip for this kindness, she would have drug me back to the "woodshed."

Those drugs are still in my veins and they affect my behavior, in everything I do, say, and think. They are stronger than cocaine, crack, or heroin; and, if today's children had this kind of drug problem, America would be a better place.

~author unknown~

God bless the parents who drugged us.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Well I am preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner as I type!
This year we will have 12 or 15 guests for dinner. The four of us plus my eldest son & his girlfriend, my eldest daughter & maybe her boyfriend, my father in law and his wife, two friends who are not traveling north to be with family, a widower friend of theirs, two open invitations for dear friends who might not be traveling to S. Carolina with family, as he is not feeling 100% right now.
Thanksgiving is MY day in the kitchen, most of the time my wonderful husband does all the cooking, this is my holiday. I start with the pre-prep usually 4-5 days prior. The only thing usually in the oven on Thursday is the turkey until things need to be heated up at dinnertime. The kitchen is clean with the exception of the dishes we use that day!

Dinner Menu

Butternut Squash Soup
20 lb Turkey rubbed with herbs
Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing
Cranberry Walnut Dressing/Relish
Acorn Squash Rings
Candied Sweet Potatoes

Our guests are bringing Veggie Tray (for before dinner)
Green Bean Casserole
4 kinds of homemade pies
Assorted Greens Salad
Pumpkin Squares
all in all we should be overly stuffed by game time!
My tradition is to saute the liver in butter & eat it with hot sauce & BBQ sauce for breakfast. This has never ceased to fail in grossing out my children. FEAR it is a GOOD THING!

Thursday Night my eldest son & his girlfriend were here, listening to me praise the Frank Reese Jr., on 'World News Tonight' You see this man has achieved a little of my Dream.
He saved five breeds of Turkeys from extinction.
Now I am not talking I want a Turkey Farm, you see I want a farm where I will have different livestock animals that are close to extinction, not just the Turkey. A farm where I can help these breeds survive mankind's greed, where it is all about making a quick buck. A place where school children can come & see a small working farm, learn about these animals & hopefully inspire them to do something to help when they are older.
A place where my children & their children can come for Holidays and when they want to escape the rat race that our society has become. That is my dream! To learn more about these endangered animals take a look at the site.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Blessings 2 U friends!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wonderful evening

We, the kids & I as Dad had a 'business dinner' at one of the posh hotels with valet parking, just spent a few hours with some lovely women at a Mom's Holiday Open House.
This is a great idea that I was blessed to be invited to join.
We all chipped in and the young lady (just a few years older than my eldest) who organized it, rented a meeting room at a local hotel.
She invited a group of Stay at Home Moms, that are consultants from varying companies, to set up their products for one stop shopping to help busy moms to get a jump on their gift lists.
Helping others to help others, what a wondeful idea!

Friday, November 09, 2007


This week has been another whirlwind of activity around here. I have two Snippet Stools to finish tonght & I find myself editing a graphic to insert here.However it keeps cutting off half the graphic.

My thoughts have turned to Thanksgiving. Partially because our weather here is finally reminiscent of back home in autumn & I am so thankful the Aspiration today was just a cyst.

My next goal...I need to save up and purchase Leopard & iWork so that these things won't take as much time & will look a bit more polished. I can then run Storybook Plus on my Mac allowing me to use all my fabu pages as backgrounds.
If you don't know what Storybook or Storybook Plus is go to my website & you can download Storybook for FREE!

So back to work!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Blessings 2 U friends!

Monday, November 05, 2007


Send a Thanksgiving or Christmas Card to someone you don't know this year!!!!
Someone who is giving his/her time & risking his/her life for your security & freedom.

So to send Cards, Letters, Gifts, Candy, Stuffed Toys etc. can be
Shipped or delivered between October 1-December 15 and from April 1 to June 15:
Operation Gratitude/California Army National Guard
17330 Victory Boulevard
Van Nuys, California 91406
ATTN: Charlie Othold: 818.437.6201

Year round Letters & Cards only send to:
Operation Gratitude
16444 Refugio Road
Encino, California 91436

Monetary Donations to help with shipping of packages can be mailed to

Blessings 2 U friends!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday and Fall is FINALLY HERE!

This week has ended almost the same way it started, chaotic.

My Halloween baby is starting to feel better he spent his 15th Birthday home sick.
However my Valentine Baby is now sick.
She was going to be my helper tomorrow at the Fall Festival in Zephyrhills. :-(

Calvin our 13yr old Russian Blue has been less than cooperative about taking his antibiotics, so every day I have the pleasure of shoving them down his throat! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So I have been playing Nurse to 2 kids & a cat, trying to keep the house somewhat clean (I am failing miserably) and finish up the cubbie unit for the wool shop.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am almost done with the snowman part of my current rug design, it needs to be finished for the "Snowman Ball" launch on the 18th. An Ornie exchange that I need to find my vintage glass & stained glass tape so I can finish the ornies & get them mailed by the 13th and a Worm Challenge (those are cut wool strips for you non-HOOKERS) that I need to package up 205 strips & mail off by Nov. 10th. the fun part is getting a pattern & the variety of worms, that all participants send to the hostess, back to hook a rug by January 6th.
I have to finish up a batch of items for the Holidays to list on the auction site & in our art storefront online sometime in the next week.

So outside of those little things, I have Fall Fest tomorrow from 8:30 until 5pm, I also have a Holiday Show November 13th on the N.Side of town from 6 -9
If I even think about saying yes to anything else someone SHOOT ME. The rest of the month is full but don't want to bore you all with the rest of it here.

The weather has finally cooled down & I was able to have lunch with a friend/fellow hooker on Wednesday.
Susan brought me a Crow shirt, that our local Target store didn't have, which I plan to wear it tomorrow!

When I arrived home afterwards I found a little box waiting. It was from Betty she also picked up a Crow Shirt for me, different size, Mini Martha (my youngest) was going to wear it to help me tomorrow. :-(
Seems I paid Betty a little too much for the shirt so she also sent dark orange & antique black wool along with the shirt and candy, which I promptly gave to the kids (the one I married too!) SHE IS SOOO THOUGHTFUL! Thank you Betty!

Yesterday after staying longer than expected (we didn't pack lunch & I didn't eat breakfast) at the shop I was supposed to mow the front yard. See it was my idea to let the Golden Dewdrops go & the grass stay unmowed for Halloween to give the house an 'abandoned' look. Which must have worked because we didn't have nearly the usual 200+ trick or treaters this year.
It was pouring when we finally got home at 2:30 so I couldn't mow. Well when the hubby came home it stopped & he mowed & edged the front yard for me in between rain showers. THANK YOU DEAR!

Well I need to get moving and get something done today (the wool worms cut & mailed, the cubbie painted, the ornie supplies found, breakfast ) Calgon take me away..... Oh yah I did run a tub earlier....bye!

Blessings 2 U Friends

Monday, October 29, 2007

What!!!!! it's MONDAY????

I had grand intentions of updating this site before the weekend was over.....The best laid plans of mice & men....

Where did the time go?
Oh I remember Wednesday I worked at the wool shop, Thursday was Dr. appt & errands, Friday chores & piano lessons, Saturday Primitives Class at the wool shop & home to paint the cubbie wall units for the shop, Sunday was more painting and was nabbed by a dear friend/customer as I was getting dressed.
She took me to see her new home that is almost finished. Her husband is a hoot! He brought a bandana up to us as we were leaving all twisted up in a pouch, wanted to know if my friend wanted his gift. Well she was on the cell & I felt the bag (it was a small snake & she HATES snakes). She kept telling him to get rid of it but he wouldn't & I got to see it finally. Poor thing was getting ready to shed so he was going to protect it until it finished. My daughter & I offered to let it free in our yard but he wanted it to stay on their land (much to her dismay).

Before bed last night my almost 15 yr old tells me he has a sore throat. Well my kids are not ones to complain about being sick or having pain (I think they get that from their parents) so after finding the flashlight he indeed has a bright red throat & uvula.
Of course it didn't hurt Friday when the youth group had their masquerade party, nor did it bother him when he went to church or his youth prayer meeting last night. UGH!

So after calling to get him in today and our 13 yr old male cat (he has a sensitive bladder & crystals the size of sand irriate him) to have his bladder irrigated today, I still have to drop off a circle maker, power sort box on the other end of town and finish painting two 7ft cubbie units by tomorrow. Anyone have some free time to help today?

So this Monday has already started off in a chaotic rush....and I don't see and end to it until next Monday waahhhh.

Blessing 2 U my friends!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonder Woman? I think NOT!

Some of you, as Old as I am, might recall the television series that aired in the late 70's anyone older will recall it was based on a Comic Book Series.
First of all I neither look like Linda Carter nor do I resemble the Comic Strip drawing, that being said...

Any woman in America today can relate to this title since we as women are supposed to be Wonder Women!
Work all day, clean, cook, take care of kids (if you have them), laundry, look perfect, dress perfect, be ready at a moments notice to entertain unannounced company, volunteer in our community, volunteer for one or more things at Church, volunteer at school, then if you still have free time spend it with your kids, husband, extended family, neighbors doing quality memorable things. Oh I almost forgot you need to squeeze in exercise at least 3 times a week if not more, so you can live a LONG healthly life.
ARE THEY KIDDING? Who wants to live like this for another 30-60 years? NOT ME!

Don't get me wrong, I love my family, friends, customers, chuch, job & home I however don't have that much time or energy to give each day to all those things & people.

I have heard & seen the Proverbs 31 woman, touted the last 10 yrs as the example we should live up to as women.

Well I am not a Bible scholar by any means (when would I have time to attend seminary??) Don't get me wrong I pray daily and most days ALL day I could never make it through a day if I didn't.
I, for the majority of the year, try to spend at least 15 minutes of quiet time reading my Bible & studying with the help of a devotional monthly magazine.
However there are few things that aren't 'blantantly' stated in this passage that need to be considered.

1. Her husband is repsected & sits among the elders he must be a GODLY leader & provider for his household. vs.23
2. She has servant girls to help her with her duties and jobs around the home. vs15
3. She is a business woman & is an artisan, she shops vs 24, 13, 16, 18, 19, 22 & 14
4. She manages the home. vs 27
5. The only mention of her children is that when they awake she has provided breakfast & they call her blessed. vs15 & 28
6. Her husband praises her and calls her blessed. vs 28

Now I don't know that much of Jewish Cultural History, however I am pretty sure her children weren't at public school. There is no mention of what they do all day long, however I assume they are being taught and helping around the home to some extent.

She has someone fueling her work by encouraging her daily. Her husband & childrens praise.
VS 31 states "Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."
So she should be compensated appropriately and given kudo's by the town.

Was she wonder woman? No, she had help, she had encouragement & praise, she was paid (in money or materials) but she was paid.

We need to stop saying yes to everyone who asks something of us. We need to put the things we are good at doing and the things that bring us joy, praise & reward ahead of the requests of everyone who asks. We need to put our family's needs (not wants) at the top of our lists.
If we put our heart into the things we set out to do GOD will bless them and then we can give to others out of our abundance.

Will every day be perfect & gratifying? Probably not, this is life & there is not a single place in scripture, I can find, that says it is fair or smooth sailing. If Christ had to suffer so horribly to redeem our sorry butts, then why do we think our lives are going to be a walk in the park?

The key to everything is balance, when we forget our time with The Engineer each day, things will quickly get out of balance.
Just like when our diet isn't balanced (no two cookies in each hand is not balanced) our body starts getting thrown out of whack & we start suffering. When our car tires aren't balanced the car will start to shake or pull to one side.

No I am not Wonder Woman, I can not save the world. I am however a woman and I can touch the lives of those around me in a postive way each day.

Say a word of encouragement to someone, smile at a stranger, hug a loved one & let them know you LOVE them!

blessings 2 U friends

Friday, October 19, 2007


Learning new things can suck up quite a bit of your time, especially at my age.
See I was supposed to be cleaning up my crop room yesterday in preparation for my Great Gathering tomorrow, however trying to 'perfect' my blog ate up 80% of my day & night.

So today was CRUNCH time!

The morning starts off as usual with our eldest dog making his snorty squeek noise to wake me up "I want out & I want breakfast"! Thankfully the neighborhood was unusually quiet (almost armageddon quiet) so they didn't get the 'crazy neighbor' show. Me chasing the Jack's, that are running after an Anole or some other moving object, in my Chemise.
Back inside to feed the critters, start more laundry *I SWEAR THIS STUFF PROPAGATES BY THE HOUR*, a radiology appointment *highlight of my year*, P.O. stop, unloading the dishwasher *they propagate too*, moving furniture, putting together the gift bags, setting up the new product display, putting together Gift Packs, piano lessons, setting up tables, chairs, more laundry, and creating a new display for my Everyday Display Board I have run out of steam.

Problem is I have a mess on one of the tables that is meant for the guests & I need to clean that up and start making refreshments, wrap the door prizes, and find time to relax & hook a little on my Snowman Rug before I fall asleep.

Here is my baby (not so much a baby at 10 yrs old) on my E.D.D. Board.
Just note the walls aren't that yellow, they are an aged Tuscan Gold

(a process that took me two years to finish, back in 98)
I am ready to change it but dread the thought of picking a color & repainting most of the house.
Any volunteers? :-)

Blessings 2 U friends,

p.s. The beautiful B & W pictures were taken by Sarah!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome, bienvenue, welkom, Willkommen, benvenuto, boa vinda, recepciĆ³n,

First off let me say, NO, I do not speak other languages. I do know key words in some languages, just enough to get me in trouble.
I just wanted to welcome everyone in a variety of languages, welcome to my blog.

I have been 'blogging' for a lifetime, in a way. Through notes, journaling in my albums, via the telephone, sms (before most of my friends could even recieve them), email & group posting. Today we now have an official site! WOO HOO! Thank you all who asked and asked and asked I finally jumped in to 2007. Actually I did jump in about 3 years ago, created a blog...sent the link to a few people...then the darndest thing happened...I forgot where it out there in cyberspace there is a blog by me with a entry or two.

More to come later, the dogs have been patient for the last 45 minutes while I booted up & checked a few emails before starting this blog. They want breakfast!
Calvin (one of the cats) has been less than patient, sitting on my lap, desktop, keyboard and countertop Yowling at me for his breakfast. Old Men just don't want to wait for their food!