Monday, February 11, 2008

So I am watching the Westminster Dog Show & who do I see?

MARY....DR. MAC ...Dr. Mary McDaniel,

My VET!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather! I was watching the terrier group when in the ring on the side is what looks to be Mary McDaniel, my DVM.

Now normally I wouldn't be shocked because I know she travels all over showing her Glen of Imaal Terriers.
She apparently won Best of Breedas she was in the Terrier Group Ring
with Ch Finnabair Rocket's Red Glare
What shocked me is that I was at the office a couple of weeks ago when she did surgery on Casper to remove his kidney stones and she didn't say a word to me.

We have run into each other, outside the 'office', throughout the last 10 yrs at the Imperial Polk County Dog Shows & she even asked me once if I would be at the Eukanuba Dog Show in Tampa a few years ago.
She KNOWS how much I love dogs & other animals!!! She didn't tell me....not a hint from any of the girls either

Here is the conundrum I know she won Best of Breed but not the Terrier Group.....
do I call her on her cell & congratulate her tonight or tomorrow when things have calmed down?

CONGRATULATIONS MARY on your well deserved WIN!!!

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