Monday, October 29, 2007

What!!!!! it's MONDAY????

I had grand intentions of updating this site before the weekend was over.....The best laid plans of mice & men....

Where did the time go?
Oh I remember Wednesday I worked at the wool shop, Thursday was Dr. appt & errands, Friday chores & piano lessons, Saturday Primitives Class at the wool shop & home to paint the cubbie wall units for the shop, Sunday was more painting and was nabbed by a dear friend/customer as I was getting dressed.
She took me to see her new home that is almost finished. Her husband is a hoot! He brought a bandana up to us as we were leaving all twisted up in a pouch, wanted to know if my friend wanted his gift. Well she was on the cell & I felt the bag (it was a small snake & she HATES snakes). She kept telling him to get rid of it but he wouldn't & I got to see it finally. Poor thing was getting ready to shed so he was going to protect it until it finished. My daughter & I offered to let it free in our yard but he wanted it to stay on their land (much to her dismay).

Before bed last night my almost 15 yr old tells me he has a sore throat. Well my kids are not ones to complain about being sick or having pain (I think they get that from their parents) so after finding the flashlight he indeed has a bright red throat & uvula.
Of course it didn't hurt Friday when the youth group had their masquerade party, nor did it bother him when he went to church or his youth prayer meeting last night. UGH!

So after calling to get him in today and our 13 yr old male cat (he has a sensitive bladder & crystals the size of sand irriate him) to have his bladder irrigated today, I still have to drop off a circle maker, power sort box on the other end of town and finish painting two 7ft cubbie units by tomorrow. Anyone have some free time to help today?

So this Monday has already started off in a chaotic rush....and I don't see and end to it until next Monday waahhhh.

Blessing 2 U my friends!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonder Woman? I think NOT!

Some of you, as Old as I am, might recall the television series that aired in the late 70's anyone older will recall it was based on a Comic Book Series.
First of all I neither look like Linda Carter nor do I resemble the Comic Strip drawing, that being said...

Any woman in America today can relate to this title since we as women are supposed to be Wonder Women!
Work all day, clean, cook, take care of kids (if you have them), laundry, look perfect, dress perfect, be ready at a moments notice to entertain unannounced company, volunteer in our community, volunteer for one or more things at Church, volunteer at school, then if you still have free time spend it with your kids, husband, extended family, neighbors doing quality memorable things. Oh I almost forgot you need to squeeze in exercise at least 3 times a week if not more, so you can live a LONG healthly life.
ARE THEY KIDDING? Who wants to live like this for another 30-60 years? NOT ME!

Don't get me wrong, I love my family, friends, customers, chuch, job & home I however don't have that much time or energy to give each day to all those things & people.

I have heard & seen the Proverbs 31 woman, touted the last 10 yrs as the example we should live up to as women.

Well I am not a Bible scholar by any means (when would I have time to attend seminary??) Don't get me wrong I pray daily and most days ALL day I could never make it through a day if I didn't.
I, for the majority of the year, try to spend at least 15 minutes of quiet time reading my Bible & studying with the help of a devotional monthly magazine.
However there are few things that aren't 'blantantly' stated in this passage that need to be considered.

1. Her husband is repsected & sits among the elders he must be a GODLY leader & provider for his household. vs.23
2. She has servant girls to help her with her duties and jobs around the home. vs15
3. She is a business woman & is an artisan, she shops vs 24, 13, 16, 18, 19, 22 & 14
4. She manages the home. vs 27
5. The only mention of her children is that when they awake she has provided breakfast & they call her blessed. vs15 & 28
6. Her husband praises her and calls her blessed. vs 28

Now I don't know that much of Jewish Cultural History, however I am pretty sure her children weren't at public school. There is no mention of what they do all day long, however I assume they are being taught and helping around the home to some extent.

She has someone fueling her work by encouraging her daily. Her husband & childrens praise.
VS 31 states "Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."
So she should be compensated appropriately and given kudo's by the town.

Was she wonder woman? No, she had help, she had encouragement & praise, she was paid (in money or materials) but she was paid.

We need to stop saying yes to everyone who asks something of us. We need to put the things we are good at doing and the things that bring us joy, praise & reward ahead of the requests of everyone who asks. We need to put our family's needs (not wants) at the top of our lists.
If we put our heart into the things we set out to do GOD will bless them and then we can give to others out of our abundance.

Will every day be perfect & gratifying? Probably not, this is life & there is not a single place in scripture, I can find, that says it is fair or smooth sailing. If Christ had to suffer so horribly to redeem our sorry butts, then why do we think our lives are going to be a walk in the park?

The key to everything is balance, when we forget our time with The Engineer each day, things will quickly get out of balance.
Just like when our diet isn't balanced (no two cookies in each hand is not balanced) our body starts getting thrown out of whack & we start suffering. When our car tires aren't balanced the car will start to shake or pull to one side.

No I am not Wonder Woman, I can not save the world. I am however a woman and I can touch the lives of those around me in a postive way each day.

Say a word of encouragement to someone, smile at a stranger, hug a loved one & let them know you LOVE them!

blessings 2 U friends

Friday, October 19, 2007


Learning new things can suck up quite a bit of your time, especially at my age.
See I was supposed to be cleaning up my crop room yesterday in preparation for my Great Gathering tomorrow, however trying to 'perfect' my blog ate up 80% of my day & night.

So today was CRUNCH time!

The morning starts off as usual with our eldest dog making his snorty squeek noise to wake me up "I want out & I want breakfast"! Thankfully the neighborhood was unusually quiet (almost armageddon quiet) so they didn't get the 'crazy neighbor' show. Me chasing the Jack's, that are running after an Anole or some other moving object, in my Chemise.
Back inside to feed the critters, start more laundry *I SWEAR THIS STUFF PROPAGATES BY THE HOUR*, a radiology appointment *highlight of my year*, P.O. stop, unloading the dishwasher *they propagate too*, moving furniture, putting together the gift bags, setting up the new product display, putting together Gift Packs, piano lessons, setting up tables, chairs, more laundry, and creating a new display for my Everyday Display Board I have run out of steam.

Problem is I have a mess on one of the tables that is meant for the guests & I need to clean that up and start making refreshments, wrap the door prizes, and find time to relax & hook a little on my Snowman Rug before I fall asleep.

Here is my baby (not so much a baby at 10 yrs old) on my E.D.D. Board.
Just note the walls aren't that yellow, they are an aged Tuscan Gold

(a process that took me two years to finish, back in 98)
I am ready to change it but dread the thought of picking a color & repainting most of the house.
Any volunteers? :-)

Blessings 2 U friends,

p.s. The beautiful B & W pictures were taken by Sarah!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome, bienvenue, welkom, Willkommen, benvenuto, boa vinda, recepciĆ³n,

First off let me say, NO, I do not speak other languages. I do know key words in some languages, just enough to get me in trouble.
I just wanted to welcome everyone in a variety of languages, welcome to my blog.

I have been 'blogging' for a lifetime, in a way. Through notes, journaling in my albums, via the telephone, sms (before most of my friends could even recieve them), email & group posting. Today we now have an official site! WOO HOO! Thank you all who asked and asked and asked I finally jumped in to 2007. Actually I did jump in about 3 years ago, created a blog...sent the link to a few people...then the darndest thing happened...I forgot where it out there in cyberspace there is a blog by me with a entry or two.

More to come later, the dogs have been patient for the last 45 minutes while I booted up & checked a few emails before starting this blog. They want breakfast!
Calvin (one of the cats) has been less than patient, sitting on my lap, desktop, keyboard and countertop Yowling at me for his breakfast. Old Men just don't want to wait for their food!