Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Never ending FUN!!!!!!!!!

Today started out fairly uneventful....walked down the street to let Bogey & Birdie out and feed them breakfast...
Beautiful sky as usual on the way home.....

OOOOOOHHHH SORRY REWIND those are yesterday's photo's!

Today was another beautiful morning, the air was clean after this mornings early rain...the colors all seemed brighter and sharper. Strolled down the street to feed the dogs and let them out, strolled back up the road.
Started load number 2 of laundry, made the bed, unloaded the dishwasher and rousted the kids out of bed at 9am
I finally headed out to the Lanai with a cup of coffee, my devotions and a few of the critters. I have to be honest I had missed a few days so I spent a little longer than expected out there. After 2 more loads of laundry, breakfast & lunch I asked Tim to take his brother & sister to piano so I could actually get something done while they were gone for the hour.
Tyler headed out to check the mail as our eldest dog was coming back around the front & I hear MOM COME QUICK THERES A PROBLEM, so immediately I think OH LORD the dog is dead, stung by a wasp/bee, he has severe allergic reactions to something biting or stinging him & we don't know what it is just that I have to get liquid Benedryl in him immediately and rush him to Dr. McDaniel.

Well the dog is walking up to the door & looks fine, Tyler is down the driveway by the mailbox & I see a stream of water running down the edge of the drive....

Apparently the MAIN PIPE was I try to open the main shut off cover and it is overgrown with sod, mind you our sod has to be cut with a machete or saw it is so dense. I leave Tyler to continue to work at it while running into get Tim to help. He assumes it is the sprinkler head broken, but I know better we haven't had the system on in months so of course he continues to tell me shut off the sprinkler system DUH... I grab the shovel to start digging around the bottom of the golden dewdrop bush to find where the leak is coming from. Tyler has the cover open & Tim shuts off the valve.

Sure enough after a bit of digging the pipe that my hubby repaired a few years back, when the gentleman came to get the "FREE OLEANDER" bush broke while digging it up. Mind you instead of digging more to repair it properly this is what happened & it was now leaking like a sieve.

My hubby is not a plumber by trade, he just does his best to fix things himself & save us the money...LORD knows we need it after this years dental expenses...however in the past his attempts at outdoor plumbing have not done so well...the pool pump still leaks & occasionally a sprinkler head blows off...

After digging through cabinets in the garage looking for the plumbing repair parts & pieces, finding lots of other things, I had to call and ask the secret hiding place. We look for the pvc glue hmmm nothing, so off to the HOME repair shop I go to get the "blue stuff" after 2 or 3 attempts to 'mend' the elbow that is leaking and having it blow off each time. We decide it is time to do this right so Tim takes the Burb to pick up a piece of pipe en route to work while Tyler & I dig out more of the pipe so we can do this right, and of course one of the shovels breaks off at the handle base because the grass is so thick!
He has to take my vehicle mind you because he doesn't believe his mother when she tells him the pipe comes in smaller lengths now not just 10ft increments. Dad is supposed to pick up the pipe on his way home...but wait he is going out to dinner with folks from the office....oh & it's Jessica's 23rd Birthday & she wants us to join her & Gabe for dinner out.

DId I mention Tim called to let me know they DIDhave smaller lengths of pipe? WOW IMAGINE THAT?!?!!!
Didn't get the 'you were right' more of a surprise tone....GEE aren't I usually right if I tell you something?!!!!

Now it is 8pm and guess who is finally home & might actually repair the pipe? If not his morning shower might be a dip in the 64 degree pool!

The pile in the drive.

NEWS FLASH, he repaired it that way because he didn't want a hole in the front overnight & that was all we had on hand...and it's not the main water to the house it's the main water to the sprinkler system....who know you had two main shut off boxes?

Blessings 2 U Friends

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