Friday, February 01, 2008

Wow already been a week

I can't believe a week ago I was in Sebring hooking! The weekend wasn't nearly long enough & the week after just FLEW by.
We had a wonderful time! All the ladies at my table were 'virgins' at a camp and one was a 'virgin hooker'! I can't say I accomplished a whole lot as I was so enthralled with what all the attendee's were doing! We started the morning with breakfast together & then went back to clean up a little before class. Hooked & chatted until Noon then down to the restaurant for lunch, complete with dessert.....YUM. Back up to class which on Saturday we skipped part of the afternoon to enjoy the fresh air & sunshine poolside (we hooked there too) which was a delight seeing as how the air conditioning stopped working!
Sunday was bittersweet as we parted ways after a late lunch & a little while hooking & finalizing orders for supplies needed to finish our projects.
I am waiting for the others to forward pictures as my digital camera is MIA.
Yesterday I spent doing inventory & today was cleaning & getting ready for tomorrow mornings crop. My youngest has been a real help with the cleaning. Dad had to leave after work to drive north, picking up his father & getting to Atlanta tonight. His sisters (2 of them ) will join them in the drive to N.E. Illinois for their Uncles funeral, Monday & Tuesday.
So I am in charge of the SUPERBOWL PARTY this year! This means NO bleacher seating for the sofa & no extravagant dishes, I am not even sure if we can figure out how to hook up the projector so it is life size.....
We will see :-)
Hoping your weekend is enjoyable & relaxing!
Blessings 2 U friend


Rachael said...

Hi's a BIG deal is it the SuperBowl? I've seen it mentioned elsewhere too.
And what does 'NO bleached seating mean'? I Think it means you don't want people sitting on your good furniture. ?
Your hooking weekend sounded really good fun. It's so nice to be able to share an interest like that with like minded people.

BFN Rachael

Tammy said...

The men & some women love watching American football, the two best teams of the leagues battle for the title of the best!
Bleacher seating is what it sounds husband built a wooden riser one year to elevate one sofa higher than the other so we could get more friends in the room to watch the game.
We don't have 'good' furniture with 4 kids, 4 dogs & 2 cats everything in our home is loved & used daily.