Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wild Wet Wonderful Wednesday

To Clarify the title it is not raining here, but I will be in the dye pots today so the wool will definitely be WET!

I really meant to post sooner but the last two evenings it was all I could do to change clothes & crawl in bed by 11:30.
Sunday after leaving Church I received a message that a wonderful lady & fellow rescuer Carol Nagy had passed. She will be missed greatly!

After gathering my supplies I decided to dye wool & maybe watch the Daytona 500, which I don't think I saw more than 10 laps of the entire afternoon.
However I did dye 2 yrds of wool for the shop amongst other household jobs.
Finally I got to sleep around 2:30 am then was awakened by the dogs barking at 4am (don't know if it was the eldest coming home from work or something else I was too tired to find out)
The alarm rudely sounded off at 6:15 reminding me I needed to be in Plant City by 8 for the Strawberry Hookers Annual Hook-In Wool Sale. At 7 am the telephone rang, Helen asked if I was asleep (LOL) was I going to be able to help her today, yes ma'am, she then said her ride was there. *Helen asked 3 weeks ago if I would help her with her tables & I said yes.*
Finally ready to leave at 8 am I arrived at 8:30 to find only 3 cars in the lot, I asked the lady taping the sign to the door about the event what time it started, she said 10am however when she finished I saw it said 9:30, so I sat in the car & ate my Millet toast & Almond butter while listening to the radio. Thankfully I saw Janet's car pull up with Helen & the shop supplies at 9 am so off to work hauling items in & setting up the tables.
Here are some that I took at the end of the day

Here are just a few of the rugs the ladies brought to display....

click on them to see a larger image

Have to get moving, took a break to watch the Space Shuttle Land, I hope to post more photo's later!

Have a Great Day!
Blessings 2 U Friend

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Rachael said...

Mmmmm Millet Toast And Almond Butter, how exotic Tammy!
Love your photos. I would love one of those Woolley Sheep, they're adorable.