Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So things have to start turning...right?!!!!!!!

Lynn, at church said to me, after the year you have had, things have to get better, then she caught herself & realized it was only February 10th!

It sure does seem like it has been a full year of trials & tribulations already! I really don't even want to think about each one again so I keep looking forward to the day ahead of me.

Yesterday was another one of those days, the check I wrote to the dentist last week ( Wednesday, on the first tooth I broke January 13th) put our checking account in the red. So I transferred money from my C.M. account to cover any more checks until I could get in with a check from our eldest son.

As the kids & I are heading out the door I grab a 'fruit & nut' bar for lunch, mind you these are the real thing not those junk filled ones you buy at the grocery stores. I take a bite heading for the door & thought I hit a really hard nut (except I grabbed pumpkin so it shouldn't be that hard). Then I thought okay well maybe that odd feeling next to the tooth that had the root canal January 24th is just a piece of nut or seed that got wedged between the tooth & gum..

this has nothing to do with the story but I thought a sunny photo of a flower from Sebring is better than a photo of my tooth!

The tooth has cracked in half, the half that is inside near the roof, thankfully it is still in place so I push it back together & call my hubby to tell him I am going to have to call the dentist after making this deposit. GASP!
I called Dr. Chris but of course they are out to lunch for an hour. So I will not eat or drink anything for the next hour!

When they returned from lunch I called again & was told to be there in 30 minutes, no problem I look like a bum because I was going to finish some projects & a little yardwork before the impending Thunderstorms that were forecast.
Trying to be as 'delicate' as possible Dr. Chris gave me the 'possible' treatments for the possible options..before I opened my mouth.
1 the break is close to the surface of my gum & they can rebuild the portion that broke & put a crown on it.
2 the break is too far below the gum & bone making oral surgery & a post implant the only option.

I don't know which was the cheaper option but he saved the remainder of the tooth & I have a temp. crown on it now.
It was below the gum line & bone but not far enough to make the tooth a total loss.

So another week of 'temp partial botox', or as they call it novocaine, and I was told my dental is already been maxed by the previous 2 visits so this will be entirely out of my pocket....$1200.
more sunshine & cheer from Sebring (subliminal messaging)lol

It would seem the dog's surgery in January wasn't too expensive after my dental work the last 4 weeks. Time to really get my stitching projects finished & listed for sale!!!

Speaking of sales the highlight of my day yesterday was waking up to a Sale Notice from Etsy! My first Pattern Booklet Sold!!
To a fellow ESTYian & blogger Rachael, she was also one of the first strangers to ever comment on my blog!
The only other comments were from my friend Betty.

Thank you Rachael & please stop by her blog or etsy site to check out the adorable items she knits over the pond!

Oh & of course after being under Tornado Watches all day & night we got rain but not a single rumble or bolt of lightening!
So here is a snapshot of one that I caught last year.

The tree you see is our one of our Oaks in the back corner of our yard.

So in closing I am off to the shop for 1/2 the day, then will take care of Jan's Corgi's down the street if her hubby goes golfing & then home to 'create'!

Blessings 2 U Friends
may your teeth remain strong & whole!!!!


Rachael said...

Oh Tammy you make me laugh! 'May your teeth remain strong and WHOLE'...I love it.
Another interseting read, as always and beautiful photos of actual sunshine WOW, there's a novelty.
Thanks for the mention too:)

Paula said...

Hey Tamster, It must be in the air, both my girls are having tooth problems also. I hope your year turns around for you. Love your blog you do have a way with words. Love your sense of humor.