Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guess where I went today???????

So how many of you guessed the DENTIST????!!!!

Congratulations you were right. Today was supposed to be my final visit for the year Can you say YEAAA???
Teeth cleaning & seating the two crowns for the two teeth that broke in January & February.

The teeth cleaning went well....sand blasting I like to call it, with baking soda. Thank you Cheryl!

Then the x-rays, okay off to have the crowns put in place....Hmmm only one is the person who makes them....nope the second one (for the upper pre molar, the tooth that had the root canal in January, then cracked a few weeks later) won't be there until next week.

So while the crown was fitted (which hurt sooo bad, but I was afraid to say anything because I did not want another root canal & larger bill) Dr. Chris checked the x-rays....not bad but a few old cavities will need work in the future. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer the crown needed 'sizing' too many times and I told him it was hurting, so I got more temporary botox or as it is called in the medical field, novocaine.

Well the cement almost made me scream it hurt when put the crown on but after a few more minutes the pain subsided. Then the novocaine kicked in, just in time for the 'plan'.
The one tooth that has had the temp crown on it for 4 or so years needs work as what is left of the tooth is decaying. OH JOY!
So next week that one will have to be worked on as well as the other side.

Finally after another payment towards my humungous bill we drove home, the kids had their teeth cleaned too, thankfully only Sahara needs a little filling on one tooth. Tyler needs to brush & floss more often & Tim may want to have his wisdom teeth pulled (they are completely in & have been for 5 or 6 years). So Tim bought lunch for us all on the way home...except they didn't put my chili dog in the bag, after pulling back around to the drive through he checks the receipt...they didn't charge him either. So I said forget it I really wasn't hungry & left to come home.

Started working on a special dye order for Tuesday and had a Spicy Black Bean Burger for lunch instead. Domestic Diva that I am I also had to rotate & fold 2 loads of laundry, make the bed, hang out the pillows and now I can finally sit down to transfer the pattern I drew up last night onto transfer fabric. The wool is hanging on the line and will go in for the second batch of dye tomorrow after my Chiro appt. and before Piano lessons.
Here is a piece I tossed into the dye that was left in the pot from the previous batches last week.

I am always amazed at how cool they turn out!
Here is the Egg Basket almost finished

There are two more patterns I need to draw out this weekend so say a prayer I can find enough time to finish them both.
Tax paperwork also needs to be finished up so we can get that filed, as any refund will be going to the dentist.
Tonight I would like to finish the commissioned hand painted sign that is almost done.

Am I the only one who feels like I am running just to catch myself???
Please drop me a line, write a comment here as I would LOVE to know more about you!

May you all have a RELAXING weekend!

Blessings 2 U Friend

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