Wednesday, February 06, 2008

and yet another Dentist visit is over

This afternoon I went for my 'original' appointment, remember the one where I broke off the back bottom molar on the 17th of January, but had to have a root canal done on another tooth that started hurting on the 22nd.

This time he used two full syringes of novocaine since one wore off 1/2 way through the root canal.
First the impression, then after a LOT of drill whirring and whirring I had to rinse & have another mold taken. Then something about he had to drill down below the gum to prep the tooth for a crown & another mold I have a temporary crown on that tooth. The jaw is sore & the novocaine is finally wearing off. The jaw is sore and so far no pain except for the tender gum area around that tooth or if I bite down while trying to chew. Thankfully I had a couple pain pills left, I took a 1/2 right afterwards & a full one when I could feel my bottom lip again.

Providing I don't have any more pain I won't have to return for 3 weeks when the permanent crown will be in & I have to have the root canal checked & of course an actual cleaning. Then there is the matter of the other temp. crown that has been on for 3 or more will need some work since it has a tiny hole in it & I could feel pain when they were drying the molar off today. I didn't dare say anything since I didn't want to have to deal with another root canal just yet!

Okay off to try & draw those patterns and let the dogs out again......I feel like Carleton the Doorman somedays...Let dogs out, let dogs in, let dogs out, let dogs in, let dogs out....well you get the picture.

Blessings 2 U Friends

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