Friday, February 29, 2008


You all know FRIDAY is my FAVORITE Day of the week, but how about a BONUS FRIDAY?!!
Once every 4 years we get an extra day & this time it is a FRIDAY!

Today it warmed up a little more too!
Which is great because I can not seem to stay warm lately.
Seriously I went to sleep with a camisole tank top, long sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve corduroy shirt, socks, flannel pajama bottoms, and a fleece hat, Honestly a fleece hat, top that off with a blanket & cotton quilt with cotton batting, two dogs & my hubby.
Here is one of my little furnaces
along with Tinkerbell trying to scare Charlotte
out of Daddio's feeder.

Daddio is the Male Cardinal that has trained us to refill the feeder when he knocks on the window. Seriously he finds the room I am in (usually one of the rooms in the front of the house) and will land on the window & peck it.

Apparently 30 years of living through Chicago winters is completely out of my blood, it only took 10 years.

Even while watching LOST I was in front of the fire last night, I was seriously afraid this series was going to get too 'deep' for me to continue to follow. Maybe it was that I didn't eat a good dinner, or maybe all the blood left my brain trying to keep my vital organs warm....
Then I remembered Sawyer's nickname for me was Einstein so I figure if Mr. Hotty can see I am smart then I can follow where they are taking us this season.

Oh one last thing...I finished my pattern just in time to list it on ETSY right as Martha Stewart was finishing her segment today with ETSY founder Rob Kalin *who by the way looks all of 17 years old*
Make sure to check it out, it looks more like Folk Art than most of my patterns.

Back to my sign & the wool in the dye pot!

Blessings 2 U Friend

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Susan said...

You have some lovely artwork. I am a Joy FM listener as well and came over here to visit after seeing you on Carmen's blog. I hope you're warmer is just gorgeous here in the Sunshine State.


Susan @ Learning for Lifetime.