Thursday, January 24, 2008

~*I have been tagged!*~ These drugs must be good I didn't even feel it!

There I was just sitting back watching "CHUCK", finishing a snippet bag for one of my Snippet & Tool Stools, which needs to get packed in my suitcase with the others so I can get my clothes in there, when my phone 'dings', which means I have an email.

I put my stitching down to check the mail & I find out I have been TAGGED?!?!??!?

Tagged by my dear friend Betty, who I am learning is a little bit of a stinker sometimes!

Being old I have no idea what the rules are of 'cyber blog tag' I have to research Betty's Blog "primitivebettys" to figure out what I have to do now.

LOL I have to tell you 5 things about myself (gee I guess if you read my blog you would know way more than 5 things about me) and tag five more friends...gee do I have 5 friends?

Okay Okay I will play along, thankfully we have the eldest sons DVR and I can watch the end of CHUCK when I am done!!!

1. I love old things, not antiques, although I do like them too, but old things that most people would throw these old glass bottles I found while hiking through Old Mill Creek when I was 18 they were buried 1/2 way in the mud near what was left of an old farm foundation. They are on my display ledge in my kitchen with lots of other old things I have found or been given.

2. I was adopted as a baby & found out when I was 18 when someone said something to my sister, she came home & told me.

3. I have a 1/2 brother that was born 4 -6 yrs after me, around Christmas, that was also given up for adoption.

4. My Birthmother was also adopted around 4 yrs old, so I would love to find out my family history & nationality.

5. I want desperately to own a farm in the Virginia mountains where I can raise endangered breeds of farm animals & have school children visit on field trips to learn about farm life.

hhhhhmmm who to tag, who to tag

1. Rachael

2. Kelley

3. Kim

4. Kimmie


primitivebettys said...

You only tagged 4!!!! LOL You will get your farm someday.... keep working for it & it will happen. I know it will be a great place too!

Rachael said...

Thanks for tagging me Tammy, I now have a link to your excellent blog under the heading 'Favourite Blogs'.
I love reading this Blog of yours as it is inspirational and full of energy.

Rachael said...

As always I'm slow on the uptake Tammy. I'm meant to write five things about myself now in my Blog and then tag five people is that correct? Not sure I know five people...not kidding.