Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day...Romance & Sweet NUTHIN'

Happy Valentines Day!!!

We aren't real big on 'Valentines Day' here, oh sure we love each other but I figure if you don't show that on a daily basis
one day isn't going to make up for the other 364 now is it?!

We did exchange cards, as usual I gave him a few more than he gave me. :-) I WIN AGAIN! just kidding.

My card from him was Maxine & her dog (there better not be a hidden joke there honey!)
It says "It's Valentines Day & My Hearts all a flutter....... "
Which is kinda funny because I am trying to get him to give up coffee altogether.

I did get to have Sushi for dinner!!! Is there anything more romantic than sushi & sashimi? NOPE!
Oh & more firelogs (its a bit chilly here tonight) so there is a fire in the fireplace & I hear LOST starting.
Have to list a private auction & get a good spot on the couch.

Blessing 2 U Valentine Friends!

BONUS No teeth broke today just some sore gums still!!!

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