Saturday, February 16, 2008

FABULOUS DAY...In more ways than one

First off today is my babies Birthday, she turned 11 today.
She wanted to use the passes we bought last fall & go to Adventure Island, so we did after breakfast.

The first ride was 'Cat In The Hat' were we met an adorable young girl, all by herself, named Ella. Ella's Dad was sitting out by the Seussousel with two of her younger sisters. So we invited her to ride with us, see Ella is 10 and the same height as Sahara.
They became fast friends and we learned Ella is from England, completely evident by her adorable accent. They really didn't want to part ways when the ride was over. We passed Ella, her Dad & two sisters when getting on the Seussosel, Ella brought her sister who was about 4 on with us, while Dad took care of the baby (about 18 months). The two of them plotted their next ride so they could spend time together again, but that ride was closed temporarily. We didn't see Ella so we assumed she went back by her Dad and we took photo's with the characters

When we were finished the Train was running again so we got in line, well who was up ahead of us but little Ella. She came back in the line (20 people back) so she & Sahara could ride together. I had a chance to find out more about her during our wait in line, she is the middle child of 7, her father is remarried & they live about 5 hours west of London. Her Step mother was back were they were staying with the rest of the kids and they only have 4 days left of their vacation. I asked if she had an email address so she & Sahara could keep in touch but she didn't and I didn't have a pen to give her ours at the time. However the two of them plotted their next move & figured we could meet up at Lost Continent as they had just arrived too & that was the next area.
The Train Engineer sang Happy Birthday Seuss Style to Sahara.

At the end of the ride her father was waiting with her sisters & I introduced myself while my hubby took a photo for another Mom with her kids. In the meantime he told Ella her sister wanted to go back on the 'Round About' & I saw their faces drop.

By the time I got a pen from the lady in the candy store & wrote our address down they had walked away. We went back towards the Carousel & Flying Fish ride looking for them but no luck. So we headed to the Lost Continent hoping we would bump into them again....The rest of the day we looked while heading around the park & even went back to Seuss Land before leaving the park tonight, no luck.

So how do you find a 10 yr. old girl who lives in another country when all you know is her first name, her father's first name & some general information?


primitivebettys said...

What a fun day! It is too bad that the family didn't stick around long enough for you to get that pen!!! Isn't it great though how kids can meet & become instant best friends? :)

Rachael said...

Shame you didn't have your Etsy business cards on you Tammy, they would have had all necessary details.How annoying is that?
Looks as if you all had a glorious day out and in sunshine too!