Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tornados is spring in the south

While we didn't have any storms here there are some in 7 states just north of us.
My hubby & his 2 sisters, father & step mother were debating (with input from the other 5 siblings) about starting their drive south after Uncle Bob's funeral yesterday.

PRAISE GOD that my DH didn't think leaving after such an emotionally exhausting day was such a good thing.
They would have been driving through those storms last night, instead they are planning on departing this morning sometime.

However the latest update is that it is snowing now and won't be letting up anytime soon.
Dad (who has the vehicle and is staying in Wi with another sister) saw the snow & went back to bed.

So far 44 are reported dead in 4 states as over 80 tornados were reported, pray for their families & everyone who has been affected by the storms & those who will be helping them today. This storm front is moving eastward across our nation & threatens numerous states today.

As for our area it is going to be 80 after the fog burns off. I am so looking forward to my Dentist appt. this afternoon (NOT) in the meantime I will be drawing out 8 patterns on backing, these will be kitted up for the shop to take to The State Fair & sell in Cracker Country. I hope to do some wool dying today so I can take that into the shop Friday and I want to finish my Pattern book so I can get it listed.

Blessings 2 U Friends

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