Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome, bienvenue, welkom, Willkommen, benvenuto, boa vinda, recepción,

First off let me say, NO, I do not speak other languages. I do know key words in some languages, just enough to get me in trouble.
I just wanted to welcome everyone in a variety of languages, welcome to my blog.

I have been 'blogging' for a lifetime, in a way. Through notes, journaling in my albums, via the telephone, sms (before most of my friends could even recieve them), email & group posting. Today we now have an official site! WOO HOO! Thank you all who asked and asked and asked I finally jumped in to 2007. Actually I did jump in about 3 years ago, created a blog...sent the link to a few people...then the darndest thing happened...I forgot where it out there in cyberspace there is a blog by me with a entry or two.

More to come later, the dogs have been patient for the last 45 minutes while I booted up & checked a few emails before starting this blog. They want breakfast!
Calvin (one of the cats) has been less than patient, sitting on my lap, desktop, keyboard and countertop Yowling at me for his breakfast. Old Men just don't want to wait for their food!


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primitivebettys said...

Here in the midwest it is just HOWDY! :)

You have a great start to your blog - it will be fun to see what you post next!