Friday, November 09, 2007


This week has been another whirlwind of activity around here. I have two Snippet Stools to finish tonght & I find myself editing a graphic to insert here.However it keeps cutting off half the graphic.

My thoughts have turned to Thanksgiving. Partially because our weather here is finally reminiscent of back home in autumn & I am so thankful the Aspiration today was just a cyst.

My next goal...I need to save up and purchase Leopard & iWork so that these things won't take as much time & will look a bit more polished. I can then run Storybook Plus on my Mac allowing me to use all my fabu pages as backgrounds.
If you don't know what Storybook or Storybook Plus is go to my website & you can download Storybook for FREE!

So back to work!

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Blessings 2 U friends!

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