Monday, October 29, 2007

What!!!!! it's MONDAY????

I had grand intentions of updating this site before the weekend was over.....The best laid plans of mice & men....

Where did the time go?
Oh I remember Wednesday I worked at the wool shop, Thursday was Dr. appt & errands, Friday chores & piano lessons, Saturday Primitives Class at the wool shop & home to paint the cubbie wall units for the shop, Sunday was more painting and was nabbed by a dear friend/customer as I was getting dressed.
She took me to see her new home that is almost finished. Her husband is a hoot! He brought a bandana up to us as we were leaving all twisted up in a pouch, wanted to know if my friend wanted his gift. Well she was on the cell & I felt the bag (it was a small snake & she HATES snakes). She kept telling him to get rid of it but he wouldn't & I got to see it finally. Poor thing was getting ready to shed so he was going to protect it until it finished. My daughter & I offered to let it free in our yard but he wanted it to stay on their land (much to her dismay).

Before bed last night my almost 15 yr old tells me he has a sore throat. Well my kids are not ones to complain about being sick or having pain (I think they get that from their parents) so after finding the flashlight he indeed has a bright red throat & uvula.
Of course it didn't hurt Friday when the youth group had their masquerade party, nor did it bother him when he went to church or his youth prayer meeting last night. UGH!

So after calling to get him in today and our 13 yr old male cat (he has a sensitive bladder & crystals the size of sand irriate him) to have his bladder irrigated today, I still have to drop off a circle maker, power sort box on the other end of town and finish painting two 7ft cubbie units by tomorrow. Anyone have some free time to help today?

So this Monday has already started off in a chaotic rush....and I don't see and end to it until next Monday waahhhh.

Blessing 2 U my friends!

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