Friday, October 19, 2007


Learning new things can suck up quite a bit of your time, especially at my age.
See I was supposed to be cleaning up my crop room yesterday in preparation for my Great Gathering tomorrow, however trying to 'perfect' my blog ate up 80% of my day & night.

So today was CRUNCH time!

The morning starts off as usual with our eldest dog making his snorty squeek noise to wake me up "I want out & I want breakfast"! Thankfully the neighborhood was unusually quiet (almost armageddon quiet) so they didn't get the 'crazy neighbor' show. Me chasing the Jack's, that are running after an Anole or some other moving object, in my Chemise.
Back inside to feed the critters, start more laundry *I SWEAR THIS STUFF PROPAGATES BY THE HOUR*, a radiology appointment *highlight of my year*, P.O. stop, unloading the dishwasher *they propagate too*, moving furniture, putting together the gift bags, setting up the new product display, putting together Gift Packs, piano lessons, setting up tables, chairs, more laundry, and creating a new display for my Everyday Display Board I have run out of steam.

Problem is I have a mess on one of the tables that is meant for the guests & I need to clean that up and start making refreshments, wrap the door prizes, and find time to relax & hook a little on my Snowman Rug before I fall asleep.

Here is my baby (not so much a baby at 10 yrs old) on my E.D.D. Board.
Just note the walls aren't that yellow, they are an aged Tuscan Gold

(a process that took me two years to finish, back in 98)
I am ready to change it but dread the thought of picking a color & repainting most of the house.
Any volunteers? :-)

Blessings 2 U friends,

p.s. The beautiful B & W pictures were taken by Sarah!

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