Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well I can say with 98% confidence that all the gifts are wrapped & under the tree!
50% of our decorations are up this year (some must still be in the attic) but since I am the one to put them up & take them down that is just fine with me!

I also finally broke down & paid another $10 to have the photo's of our PRIMITIVE HOOKERS CHRISTMAS PARTY developed.
Can I just say I think paying $25 for a 'disposable digital camera' to then have to pay another $10 to develop the photos (which by the way are not the best quality) and then they keep the camera to repackage & sell again is a RIP OFF!

Okay now to the pictures.
This is our instructors home, she designed this rug and hooked a square a month. This was supposed to be finished in December, however since she is too good, she finished it in October!
This is her 'formal living room' note the blue Santa with the Cardinal on his arm...The Cardinal was made from her Mothers Coat & Santa's Coat is made from her Fathers saddle blanket.....ISN'T that the sweetest thing? To top it off she made all her sisters & nieces a cardinal too!

These are just a few of the ladies who made the party,
In front left to right is Susan & Amy
on the sofa Sherry, Melanie, Helen (owner of the little shop where we meet), Jonny & Joy. They are ALL such a wonderful group of women!
This is our instructor, Primitive Folk Artist Jonny Scott. and behind her is a little diorama she made of her Grandparents Hardware Store in Kansas.
Well that is it for now, I need to finish painting a raised dog feeder for my eldest daughter, she is giving it to her boyfriend tomorrow. LOVE these late projects!
I am going to take photos of the decorations & tree before the mayhem ensues!

Blessings 2 U Friends
May your hearts be filled to overflowing on this eve of our Saviors Birth!

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