Saturday, December 08, 2007


I had told a few folks I was going to update my 'gifts' on Tuesday or Wednesday...I didn't

See it started Sunday when I wore a pair of 2" heeled shoe/boots to church, all of 2 hours I had these on, and messed up my crooked spine. The muscle in my left shoulder blade area (trapeziod?) started tightening up & gave me a dull headache all week.
I had my scheduled adjustment on Thursday & usually within hours it is better, the headache is gone. Well not this time! The muscle is hanging on almost as strongly as those last 30lbs I have to loose have been!!

Meanwhile I didn't go to work at the Wool Shop Tuesday as I needed to clean the house, decorate for the "Ladies Holiday Party", finish a 1/2 dozen other things along with the daily chores that didn't get done Monday.

My teenager informs me on Thursday night (after me asking 5 times) that the dress pants I purchased for him in May no longer fit.

My daughter also needs a pink leotard, pink tutu as hers no longer fit.....When do we need these you ask ....Friday Night for the 1st recital of course.

Don't forget we have piano lessons Friday afternoon! So we race to 2 stores NO pants in his size, they are all too big in the waist or if they fit they are way to short (GEE imagine the right length pants TOOO BIG in the waist cuz your TOOO THIN). Thankfully the 'sick' elder daughter went to "chinaworld" while we were still at lessons & dance rehearsal and found everything we needed! So now to meet up with her en route home to clean up, eat something fast & change clothes before heading over to the recital.
Okay we survived that rush, the recital went well! I go to bed at 10 pm cuz I am exhausted and still have this stinking headache/muscle thing.

I completely forgot to set my 'antique phone alarm' and of course the dogs all decide to sleep in, not waking up at the usual 6:30 - 7:00 am.
So I lazily wake up at 8:20, which on any other day would be wonderful, except this morning I am supposed to be 45 minutes away at Primitives Class, and should have been in the car 20 minutes ago. No problem I toss on clean clothes jump in the car with a banana, almond butter & Wheat Free Raisin Scone to eat when I get there, Arriving only 20 minutes late I actually hooked some of the challenge piece in 3 hours. Not alot cuz this headache is still there! Now I have to confess I hooked this part last night during the recital but had to pull it out 2 times because I lost a worm and didn't realize that until we were leaving & I made Sparky take one last look under the seats when the lights came up.

After class I race home to clean up & change clothes again before the ladies arrive to find the only pair of jeans that fit me are not dry yet oh well damp it is!
We had a fabulous time eating & talking. I got to chat with our potential Pastors wife, she is so easy to talk to, maybe because she is a Psychologist? I am hoping it is because we grew up in the same general region of Northern Illinois and I think are around the same age!

We had a White Elephant exchange/swap/steal & too much food before it was time to put the leftovers away, get the kids redressed for tonights recital & rush out the door for that 30 minute drive. Still have that headache that is making my eardrum hurt. So on the way home we stop at the corner pharmacy store & pick up some Motrin, a heat patch thingy (which of course I didn't notice is for lower backs & not shoulder area, which I am wearing like Ms. Americas state sash so I can update this finally!
OH I have good news to post tomorrow!!!
In the meantime here are Tuesdays gifts...

Jan (a dear neighbor down the street that I dog sit her Corgi's) came up to sing happy birthday to me and brought me these Holiday Socks & a Custom made card.

Tuesday night Cheryl (who sent me the Hoops & Yoyo card) came by with my gifts....

I also received a Birthday voicemail Monday Night & email from Ali in Athens GA.

Wednesday my eldest son informs me he is purchasing a ticket for me to someplace I can not mention just yet because it is also a surprise for his next Wednesday we are going someplace beautiful!

I will post photo's afterwards

In the meantime I will change my music lineup tomorrow, as I am about OVER Christmas music for the week!!!!

I also will try to post some other friends links or banners (when I learn how) in the next week, suggestions & tips for banner links are welcome!

Blessings 2 U Friends

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