Friday, December 28, 2007

If you can't beat them......make lemonade

Growing up in Northeast Illinois on the Wisconsin border you learn certain things

First and foremost "If it's nice outside get out and enjoy it because it WON'T last

It is called the 'Windy City' for a reason

Winter starts around Halloween & ends around Mother's Day

Pick a Halloween Costume that you can incorporate mittens & your winter coat into or that you can hide it under

Easter hats will be blown off you head if they are not tied under your chin

Easter shoes have no treads therefore you will fall down & rip your rights or soil your dress when you walk on the icy snow unless you are being held by each hand and those people can lift you by your arms

Yes your toungue will stock to metal if it is below 40 degrees

There us no guarantee of snow during Christmas Break

Wind chills are real & should be taken seriously

Tornados are random so listen for the tornado sirens

1 week of 90 degrees with humidify is really NOT HOT!

It took me 10 Years here in Florida to deprogram myself of the first leason
The weather is always sunny & warm here it is just a matter of how warm

Thunderstorms back home can be enjoyed by playing outside in them as long as the temps are above 60
You run for cover inside during a storm here unless you have a desire to be toast

Category 1 anything is Kite flying weather!
Category 2 is a spring storm back home
Category 3 is when you plan a party
Category 4 is when the tourists leave
Category 5 is stay inside & pray you don't loose power so the kids will stay entertained & you don't loose the air-conditioning
(this mostly applies to those inland)

When it is 80 degrees at Christmas play tourist & start your tan early!

Here are a few of the FINAL Holiday Decorations
The Mantle

The mantle with the flash
The Tree Before the Gift Opening Onslaught
The Kids Gingerbread Houses
Otis w/ his bobo
Emma w/her bobo
Casper w/his bobo
Finally Harley w/his bobo

Don't take photo's with Mom's Camera ....she might put them on the blog......

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primitivebettys said...

Love your decorations! So warm & colorful!! :)