Monday, November 19, 2007


Well I am preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner as I type!
This year we will have 12 or 15 guests for dinner. The four of us plus my eldest son & his girlfriend, my eldest daughter & maybe her boyfriend, my father in law and his wife, two friends who are not traveling north to be with family, a widower friend of theirs, two open invitations for dear friends who might not be traveling to S. Carolina with family, as he is not feeling 100% right now.
Thanksgiving is MY day in the kitchen, most of the time my wonderful husband does all the cooking, this is my holiday. I start with the pre-prep usually 4-5 days prior. The only thing usually in the oven on Thursday is the turkey until things need to be heated up at dinnertime. The kitchen is clean with the exception of the dishes we use that day!

Dinner Menu

Butternut Squash Soup
20 lb Turkey rubbed with herbs
Cornbread & Sausage Stuffing
Cranberry Walnut Dressing/Relish
Acorn Squash Rings
Candied Sweet Potatoes

Our guests are bringing Veggie Tray (for before dinner)
Green Bean Casserole
4 kinds of homemade pies
Assorted Greens Salad
Pumpkin Squares
all in all we should be overly stuffed by game time!
My tradition is to saute the liver in butter & eat it with hot sauce & BBQ sauce for breakfast. This has never ceased to fail in grossing out my children. FEAR it is a GOOD THING!

Thursday Night my eldest son & his girlfriend were here, listening to me praise the Frank Reese Jr., on 'World News Tonight' You see this man has achieved a little of my Dream.
He saved five breeds of Turkeys from extinction.
Now I am not talking I want a Turkey Farm, you see I want a farm where I will have different livestock animals that are close to extinction, not just the Turkey. A farm where I can help these breeds survive mankind's greed, where it is all about making a quick buck. A place where school children can come & see a small working farm, learn about these animals & hopefully inspire them to do something to help when they are older.
A place where my children & their children can come for Holidays and when they want to escape the rat race that our society has become. That is my dream! To learn more about these endangered animals take a look at the site.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Blessings 2 U friends!

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