Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Chaos

It would seem no matter how hard I try to leave the commitments in December to a minimum, piano recitals (2), we always have something that needs to be done each day!

I have been trying to finish decorating for Christmas, thankfully not all of our decoration boxes were brought out, yet the tree is still bare!

Gifts remain unwrapped
presents still not made or bought (I am really trying to make them more than purchase)

I haven't written a single card this year usually they are mailed the day after Thanksgiving

I have wanted to post here daily but something else on the list keeps calling

So I thought I would share a couple of recent photos instead

This is a little old Church that someone updated a little then listed For Sale
(of course at triple their purchase price)
I would love to purchase this place and make it into a little shoppe
In my little shoppe I would sell supplies for Rug Hooking,
all types of stitching and of course Coffee & Scones,
while holding classes to teach folks on these arts
just like the mothers & grandmothers did a few generations ago
The front porch would have white rockers with tables so when it is beautiful here (like now) folks could sit on the front porch and stitch or hook the day away enjoying each others company.

While on a business trip in to Chicago my dh was nice enough to take my BFFF's Christmas Gifts up with him.
She ALWAYS sends him home with a gift for me
Let me just say her gifts are NEVER small
enough to stick in his suitcase ROTFLMBO
This is what he brought home earlier this year

After he spent the evening helping his twin brother (they aren't really but her husband and he are soo much alike it's scary) install his big screen high def tv the boys watched Da Bears' had a few beers & smoked a cigar

In return she sent home with him with this gift an antique mantle mirror!!
They always know the bestest present & can torture your hubby like no one else can!!!

Okay back to the list of things....almost finished with a swap for my buddy Betty, While Jan's gift dries, then it's time to rotate the laundry....again, unload the dishwasher....again,wrap a few gifts after I find boxes and start decorating the tree....
This is all the decorating I have finished


Rachael said...

It's frightening at times how quickly the time is passing, I too was several weeks late with my card writing, I had to send a belated birthday card as I mised my Dad's birthday! the decorations were thrown-up this year, never before as it's a job I enjoy but this year Etsy and blogging have taken over. You'll get there and when you do, relax, kick back and enjoy the moment. Your home looks beautiful and so does the little white's good to dream, Never, say never.

primitivebettys said...

Tell me! Did you make an offer on the Church? It is darling!

Oh, and I do LOVE my snippet stoll!