Thursday, December 04, 2008

21 days until Christmas can you say STRESSED?

After getting Gavin home Monday night I thought things would calm down & be quiet this week...but if you have been reading my blog this year you know that is NOT GOD'S plan for me in 2008. They say it is acid reflux still, however I would like to know why the meds aren't stopping it then...also that he has a protien intolerance so he is on a special formula that has nothing in it.

Tuesday was spent trying to catch up on grading the kids school and reviewing Tyler's literature. I needed to try to reinstall my OS on my desktop so I could get to my prayer warriors emails & update them, the photo's for the Rug Hooking blog so I could update one of the traveling rugs... it was not cooperating. The phone rang numerous times the last of which was my son asking if I could come watch Gavin so he could register for a class at the college. We packed up and headed over there around 2pm and he was back around 4:30. Here he is playing with Uncle Tyler (he pulled his tube out earlier in the morning)
The kids & I got home and started where we left off, Larry came home, we ate dinner (I think) and as I was trying to focus on the school papers the phone rang again, Tim needed help to put Gavin's NG tube back in, so I threw on a coat *yes it was actually chilly here* and drove over to help. When I finally got back home I had such a headache I fell asleep in front of the fire with my head on the chairs arm.

Wednesday was much better, although I didn't get the traditional breakfast in bed (I was awake before everyone else) I did have a relaxing morning while the family played with my antique looking radio that can play records (remember those?) CD's, Cassettes (some of you whipper snappers might recall them) and MP3 players it will also transfer them to MP3 or CD. So Larry and the kids dragged out all my old 45's (I was foolish enough to throw out my album collection, about 60+ albums in my 20's or maybe not so foolish after yesterday) and played them until I finished a nice long bath and made them go on a four mile walk at Ft. Fraser Trail. (I would include the link but my browser on the laptop now crashes if I open a second window)
We got home in time to clean up and have Sushi for dinner before heading off to our Financial Peace Class. David & Lori brought Chocolate Cake to celebrate the other Dave & my Birthday.

I have managed to do a few loads of laundry today before Gavin arrived at noon. I will be taking him home around 7pm to hook him up to his feeding pump and wait for Tim to get home from work around 11 pm. I am hoping to get those school papers graded after he goes to sleep around 8 tonight.

The few bags of small gifts I have will wait another day to be wrapped and Christmas decorations won't be going up until sometime next week as Saturday is Primitives Class/Piano Recital and the Church Christmas Party, Sunday I think I will be too tired to decorate since Larry flies out on business at 6am. Even my poor Christmas Swap Partner Yvonne is waiting for her gifts. . . sorry Yvonne. Soon I promise!

This was a banner on the trail that I just thought was very accurate

Blessings 2 U Friends


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

You and your family have certainly been through a lot. I will be keeping Gavin in my prayers and hope he gains weight. Wishing you a peaceful rest of the year!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I was going to ask if you ever slept. It seems as if you are superwoman. Eat another piece of chocolate cake for me!