Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Surprises and makeovers?

Libby thank you for your compliment on the tree is is overflowing with ornaments as you can see

Here is Sahara and her BIG gift...She has been practicing stitches since she opened it.

Tyler received an electric guitar set but he has been in his 'room' practicing since teenage boys are a little territorial and afraid of daylight I will try to sneak a shot of him playing later.

Here is Otis with his big gift
Last years bear is just a patch of fur parts

The day after Christmas we ran a few errands and left the boy home alone to finish his chores *yeah they NEVER all get done*
I found a LARGE envelope along with 5 Christmas Cards and a Package from my Procrastinator BIL Lance.
The LARGE envelope was a complete surprise so of course I grabbed it came from over the pond, a completely unexpected gift from my online friend Rachael
When she made these I thought they were so cute & told her they brought a smile to my face...she sent them to me aren't they adorable?

She made this for Casper but since he has been strapped with the Elizabethan collar I let Otis model it for him.

Then she sent a package for Gavin

He opened it when Tim brought him by for help with reinserting his tube

It is the cutest stocking being held by a bear with a tiny mouse in his bed inside.
Rachael than you for reminding me that surprising others is a blessing...I will keep that in mind this week.

We have a 'child' who insists on making weird faces when pictures are taken of him....he reminds me of Sarah's cousin remember her right?
Well Mom usually doesn't post those 'less than adorable photo's" however I think in true makeover fashion he may need to see these photo's in hopes he will not make sooo many of them. There are quite a few in the photo albums these are the ones on my computer.

I think he missed his calling as a comedian!

Blessings 2 U Friends

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Neas Nuttiness said...

Surprise packages are soooo much fun. I wish that someone would send one to me...hint, hint:) I really do like your tree!