Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still hanging in there...I think I am!

Well I don't know about you friends but I can barely find time to breathe these days?
I am not one to over-schedule during the holidays & I usually say NO to any extra activities in order to maintain my sanity.
This month has been full of unexpected activities that have to be done, outside of daily things, like laundry, dishwasher, school etc. Apparently we are going to end the year the same way it began.

Saturday's 2nd annual Hooker's Christmas Party was the highlight of my week. Sahara & I drove the hour to Lake Jovita just arriving seconds before Susan.
Jonnys house was beautiful as always and she had 3 different breakfast breads & coffee waiting for us.

After checking out what 'new' things she created we sat down to do a little hooking and exchange gifts before group pictures.
Lunch was served & we had a delicious Beef Soup/Stew with an assortment of Cheese & crackers, cucumbers & hummus and for dessert, homemade pumpkin pie.
Here are Maggie's Twin Rugs

One of our class projects for next year
Then started the chaos ...I got a text that Casper's eye was bleeding & swollen shut, so Sahara & I packed up and raced home. Where I quickly assessed this needed to be checked by a Vet. While everyone changed into their recital outfits I found a Vet in the area we were going for the Christmas Recitals. DH dropped Casper & I off at the Vet and drove down the road to the recital.

An hour later & another $120 Casper was now on 5 medications, 3 are ointments that needed to be rotated every 2 hours and a referral to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, I started walking towards the Church 1/4 mile down the road carrying the dog.
While walking I found $10 on the side of the road, this comes into play later!
We gathered the kids up and orders for Meredith & Sarah and drove for to Mickey D's for a quick bite before the next Recital stared. Casper was a trouper and after eating a hamburger he slept through the second one.
Meredith made an announcement regarding recital fees...which I had forgotten to pay....ahhh $10 THANK YOU GOD!

We missed the Church Christmas Party and on the way home got the call that Tim needed help putting Gavin's tube back in, he is now weighing in at 11 lbs 12 oz and will be 5 mo old next week, only gaining 9 oz since the hospital released him on the 1st, so we headed over there next and we finally got home around 9 pm
The rest of the weekend is a blur as I have had minimal sleep, getting up every two hours to put ointment in Casper's eye. I do remember our family did the reading & lit the Advent candle at church.

Monday I called my Vet for a referral to an Ophthalmologist and made his appointment for today. We drove to Tampa & Dr. Wolf is WONDERFUL, he sent me home with more medications along with orders to continue the ointment every two hours for another 48 hrs and return on Saturday.
Great I still need to put up our Christmas Decorations and get ready for a Garage Sale to try to recoup these Vet bills.

Here is just one of the items I mailed off to Yvonne my Christmas Gift Exchange Buddy...

Did I mention the day before DH left on his business trip he snapped the shower head off ? It was leaking down the inside of the wall, which of course he had to cut open. So I was changing a towel in the wall every 3 hours to soak up the drips until I thought of stuffing a #8 cut wool strip into the front of the pipe to wick the water into the shower & not the wall on Monday.

Libby & those of you who asked there is nothing definite on the relocation yet, which makes me happy since the weather everywhere else seems to be FRIGID! It also means we can spend Christmas with the kids and I won't miss Hooking in Sebring with Polly in January!

A couple Rugs from Class on the 6th
Jonny's Pig

Melanie's Stained Glass Dragonfly

Forgive me I have forgotten who hooked these...

Here is Casper after today's Vet visit with his brand new Elizabethan Collar

Time for his meds again as well as more laundry before our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Class this evening.


*disclaimer* any incomplete thoughts or sentences/ misspelled words or inaccurate credit given is due to lack of R.E.M. sleep and blog author should be forgiven.


Neas Nuttiness said...

Tammy - I don't know if I've told you that I love you, but I'm saying it now! How could I not love someone...who is living MY LIFE! I truly feel for you...I DO. Take a deep breath, have some cocoa with lots of whipped cream, let Caspere sleep between you and Larry so that you don't have to get out of bed to put in his medicine, AND for Pete's Sake...Decorate Caspers satellite collar. It's Christmas if you hadn't noticed. (By-the-way, I just ducked in case you threw something at the computer!)

Tammy said...

HA HA!!! Thanks I would hope you love me cuz I am a good down to earth friend but I completely understand!

Cocoa is out of the question when it is warm here LIbby!

By the way those were SHOES I threw at you!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, Gavin weighs 12 pounds 11 ounces, not 11 pounds, 12 he weighed 11 pounds 8 ounces when he was released from the hospital. The Dr. said that if he continues the way he's been doing, he should be off of the tube in no time! :-) - britt

Tammy said...

Well tell your hubby to stop transposing numbers unless he is paying his mother MORE money :-)