Saturday, December 20, 2008

FINALLY got a few things finished YIPPEE

Well I was able to finish Gavin's Christmas present and my No Melt Southern Snowball ornaments are listed on ETSY.

Got the Christmas Tree decorated last night after falling off the ladder & breaking one of my vintage glass angels & possibly my tail bone AGAIN!

The garage sale went fairly well we sold a few things and the rest are going to Goodwill.

Casper was seen again this morning at Dr. Wolf's and his eye is healing the iris prolapsed through the laceration so now we have to keep his Elizabethan Collar on and medications 5 x a day for the next 10 days until his next recheck.

Now to clean up the house again & finish wrapping the few little gifts the kids are getting, we are not buying lots of gifts because we bought them all tickets to the World Series so they better remember that gift.

Can't stay sitting long it is too painful so this is short!!

Help our Economy & buy HANDMADE IN AMERICA!

Blessings 2 U Friends!

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Neas Nuttiness said...

Stay off ladders - have some cocoa with lots of whipped cream - put ice on your bum - and know that I'm thinking of you.