Monday, December 08, 2008

Today is Christmas Crafts Day ... YEAH

First off Gavin is holding his own, he still vomits up some of his daytime feedings and is on the NG feeding tube & pump at night. Every other day he is yanking out his tube so we have to hold him down & reinstert it.

Saturday's prim class fun we mostly shopped and talked about the 2nd Annual Hookers Christmas Party next Saturday. Susan was so sweet, she brought me a Birthday gift of Primitive Potpourri and a beeswax Belsnickle in his own wool bag.

Helen gave me two pieces of Monks Cloth to draw out another "Blue Moon" for the shop and any other pattern I choose....any thoughts ladies & gents?

Saturday afternoon/night was babysitting Gavin time and my dh left Sunday before dawn to head to Microsoft in Seattle for a few days then to Chicago. I think they are finishing his Microsoft brainwashing. :-) We packed as many Christmas gifts as we could in his suitcase for my bff Cheri & Denise along with some things for Rachies birthday. On the way home from church I received a text message that he forgot to pack his dress shoes since there was no room after the gifts. :-) Sorry hun!

Yesterday we spent the day watching all the taped episodes of "Whatever Martha" and just laughed the entire afternoon. Alexis & Jennifer are a stitch!
Check them out on the Fine Living Network
Today we are going to get some of our Christmas Crafts done that have been piling up so tomorrow I may have some photos to post of the fun. Southern Snowballs, Vintage Tin Tiles, Gavin's Christmas Present, Snowball Bath Salts are just a few of the things on the list for today.

Blessings 2 U Friends

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Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm so glad that Gavin is doing better. Doesn't it scare the pants off you to have to put in that tube?