Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little gun shy right now

First I want to thank everyone who is praying for Gavin, for all of you who have written notes of encouragement regarding the possible relocation, and those who have emailed & called your kindness and love these last few weeks has been the glue that held me together. Cheryl in Texas please check your email and the group board I can't reach you.

My desktop is finally up and working again and I have been able to reload my contacts/photos & music so far the last two days. I haven't completely reloaded everything and am a little gun shy to do so for fear I might have the thing crash again.

Christmas Crafts day was a much needed time to get a few items done for gifts. I don't know about you but I enjoy creating things, I enjoy giving them to my friends & family too! I finished up a gift exchange with Yvonne in Indiana and got it mailed off this morning during our Tornado Watch. I would show you a couple of the things I sent her but I don't want to spoil the surprise!

I also finished stitching the dates on the backs of the kids ornaments (I purchased at The Barn) last night but I know Brittany reads this occasionally and I don't want to spoil that surprise either. I am almost finished with a little thing I hope to have up on Etsy so I can show you that soon.

The 2nd Annual Hookers Christmas Party is this Saturday & I am so excited, I have Jonny's gift all bagged up since Thanksgiving. I have to write out the cards for the girls and maybe a little gift too.

Well back to husband is due home around midnight! :-)

Blessings 2 U Friends!

Someone emailed & asked about little Caylee Anthony and yes they do think they found that precious little girls body just a block or so from her Grandparents home, such a shame.


Rachael said...

love the festive tunes Tammy!

Rach x

Anonymous said...

Like the music & the picture of the gun barrel! Just had that on hand did you? LOL

Neas Nuttiness said...

Let me know if you hear anything about the possible "job" change!

AND take out the bullets!