Friday, August 01, 2008

Tuesday Surprises!!

Tuesday morning, DH left earlier than usual without my goodbye kiss. When I awoke the pups wanted out (at least Emma the rest wanted breakfast)
So Emma bolts out the door around the the house to the driveway out of sight with me running after her in my Grinch P.J.'s.

Thank GOD she wasn't chasing something like the squirrel or fox because she was right next to my Suburban, sniffing up at the wheels and circling the car. I walk over & look under

Nothing. . . .
but wait was that a sound?

Sure was some kind of scratching so a critter is in my car body somewhere.
I figure it is the squirrel and round Emma up for breakfast, thinking it will come out with her gone.

Around 10 am I tell Tyler to grab the broom & come with me...a puzzled look was on his face ( usually is when I ask him to do anything )
I also told him to put on pants and tennis shoes not shorts & flip flops (standard attire in Florida)

After he is properly attired I told him something was in the car & it might be a rabid squirrel, opossum, raccoon or Skunk Ape....snicker...snicker

I just didn't want to frighten what ever it was & have it bite one of us. I brought the flashlight since I couldn't see it under the wheels or undercarriage earlier I am going to pop the hood and he can swing if it jumps at me.

Of course I pop the hood & he is crawling under the Suburban instead of protecting Mom....GOD help his future wife!
Well the latch doesn't release all the way at first and I had to push it a little...

Well in the engine of my car (mind you it is in the sun now at about 88 degrees) is a little kitten, who freaks out & crawls down behind the block. I exclaimed in shock & joy it's a little kitty and Tyler fly's out from under the car & says where?
Because of course by now it's out of sight & MOM must have been drinking Mojito's and hallucinating.

Can you find the kitten?

So after snapping a picture I point it out to him....well now he wants the kitty and since GOD put this one here (in my engine) how can Dad refuse another critter....right?
Look carefully under that cable that looks like it ought to be plugged into the other cable

We got a plate of baby food (meat) and tried coaxing it out to no avail, which was not good as I had to leave a little later.
So we all went inside to leave it alone after it crawled down onto the frame.
It eventually ran off but we didn't see where and yes I thoroughly checked the engine and undercarriage before leaving.

We ended up at the VERY last minute around 7pm taking all the kids to dinner at Outback.
This was after we went to drop off some things at Tim & Brittnay's and they still weren't ready to leave, I stole Gavin and headed to the restaurant.

We were seated pretty quickly since Jess met us there and of course speed dialed for call ahead seating.
I was so preoccupied I walked right past my good friend Cathy & her youngest daughter, little Jessica.
She is little Jessica because my daughter is big Jessica & they even share birthdays!
Cathy even text me but I didn't have my phone out since we were all busy talking & watching Gavin.

His first big dinner with the entire family...he was pretty good and fell back asleep.

His father however was a wee bit obnoxious!

Tyler carving is name into his take home box

The little family .... aren't they cute?


Well I have got to get a few things listed on my ETSY site tonight so
BLESSINGS 2 U FRIENDS may you have a wonderful surprise this week too!

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Denise said...

Way to go Emma!

Love the Family Dinner pics!