Sunday, August 17, 2008

Recharged? Refreshed? Renewed? Rested? Revitalized? RE CALIBRATE!

Words escape me to describe Friday & Saturday.
Seeing 14,000 women of various denominations all in one location giving praise to GOD amazes me and brings joy to my heart.

If only he could move through the hearts of ALL women in that way!
What a wonderful world it would be!
I highly recommend you attend!
We saw & heard Anita Renfroe who is a RIOT, she is now GMA's special correspondent and was on Dr. Phil (re-run) on Friday.
Nicole C. Mullen,
Natalie Grant
Patsy Clairmont
Shelia Walsh
Jan Silvious
Louise DuArt
Allison Allen
Stephen Arterburn
Marilyn Meberg

Sandy Patti, Shelia Walsh, Natalie Grant & Nicole C. Mullen Singing Happy Birthday to little Soloman

Today we are just cleaning up & bringing in any loose items from the yard and cleaning house in preparation for gusty winds from Fay.

While I was gone my DH has almost gotten my mountain waterfall finished so the inside of the house is a little messy and our Community Group is meeting here Wednesday Night (that is the plan for today we will see what GOD brings with this storm).

I have started a box for the giveaway I might need to do two giveaways if it gets much larger. :-) What do you think?

Blessings 2 U Friends

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