Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a lot of Hoopla for NUTHIN'

I have only seen one 'escape/illusion' by Criss Angel before last night & the previous one was MUCH BETTER.
Last night was very disappointing and I have to say my kids can 'ACT' better than the announcer & his family.
I feel bad for him going out on such a LAME show. I hope his audiences in Vegas fare better than everyone watching last night,
since they will have to pay for their seats.
I will say this the boy is in good shape! :-)

So this week has been unusual but then aren't they all this year?

Saturday we spent the day at Busch Gardens


An updated picture of the kids in Dragonland...might be too big for this area now ...

Sahara in Lory Landing


The Gibbons in Jungala

Jungle Flyers - Zip line Swings


Bengal Napping

White Bengal

VERY HOT but wonderful day at Busch Gardens

Blessings 2 U Friends

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