Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Year of Changes so why not more!?!?!

This truly has been a year of changes and trials...some good, most not so good but GOD is teaching me to trust him through it all and not myself or others.

So maybe it's time I make some other changes in my life.

We started a little remodeling in the Crop/Studio since Saturday .... I need different storage & display in there and Larry was kind enough to start the big part of the project Saturday. While I tested out the new camera he bought for me.

The upper area inside the 12ft closet really was a waste

A few years ago I had him put these shelves into the corner behind the door

Snowing indoors?

He thinks it is for storage its actually a hideaway *g*

They can't reach me up here....

Larry installed some reclaimed pine flooring pieces from Maine as the support and I had to paint the ceiling sky blue
just like the Lanai but a lighter shade.
Monday Morning I painted the bottom of the closet after running to Lowes to get paint.

Monday night all the ladies involved in our church's nursery met at our house to work out some details on what we saw in our nursery future.
You see we are a small church plant but we know GOD is doing big things and we will be growing soon.
Currently we only have one or two children in the nursery each Sunday.
We had such a good time not only discussing the nursery but fellow shipping with each other that even Barbara lost track of time and didn't leave until 9pm.

Lori and the kids stayed even later as we couldn't get Gannon & Sahara out of the pool, they were having so much fun. It is a joy to watch them.

Of course we never seem to have much to say to each other *JK*
We have plans to attend Women of Faith next Friday and Saturday

Now to start thinning out the supplies & craft items maybe I should try an online yard sale like BJ had, she did fairly well at moving some of her supplies.

The counter top still needs to be moved & I have to finish painting the 'hideaway'.
Larry still has to install the trim inside the hideaway before we move on to other things.

Stay tuned for more photos and more changes!

Blessings 2 U Friends


Cheryl Irwin said...

I will be at Women of Faith, Too. Have you been before? you will love it.

Tammy said...

Might just see you there!!!