Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lions, Tigers & Gators OH MY!

Saturday morning Larry took the tire in to see if we could get it repaired.
After breakfast Sahara & I took the trash down to the dumpster & headed to the dock.
She raced to the end of the dock before I could get off my bike.... I heard her yelling

Then she spotted another swimming out in the lake

This little guy/girl was about 5ft long

Notice all the little fish just swimming around it?

Well apparently this gator prefers DEAD FISH for breakfast

It snatched up a little dead one & slowly used it's tail to propel itself back

around & into the shade under the dock

The kids wanted to canoe on the other lake but it was TOOOOOO HOT

So around 7pm we drove down the road to Lake Louisa so they could swim

After talking to our favorite Swedish Ranger she said it was okay to go in but there was no lifeguard on duty

So as long as we (the parents) would save the kids they would be hmmmmmm

Then the kids got out to the water and realized there is only about a foot of water left inside the 'designated area' due to the drought of the last 3 yrs. So they went wading instead of swimming and a few minutes later the lightening started across the lake so it was time to get out.

So sad to see all the Cypress Trees out of the water but neat to see what normally would not be seen by anyone.

Of course before leaving Sahara found a tree to climb....

No sightings of the Skunk Ape either...:-(

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Rachael said...

Interesting as always Tammy. It fascinates me to read about the things we just don't have here in the UK.