Sunday, July 27, 2008


Anyone who knows me...knows I only cook a full meal when it's Thanksgiving.
Start to finish, on Thanksgiving, no one enters the kitchen for the week leading up to the BIG FEAST!

Now I do cook a dish here & there...roasted veggies is my favorite meal
13 Bean Chili is another favorite and occasionally Vegetable Lasagna.

My husband is an excellent cook so why step on the toes of the expert!?!
Personally I can find some fruit/veggies Almond butter & Starbucks Coffee a COMPLETELY filling meal.

I guess that is why GOD put us together to be each other's helpmate to fill in where the other is not adept...right?!

Well Friday I decided to make a couple pans of Veggie Lasagna for the new parents but of course didn't have all the ingredients and got a call from the new Dad wanting someone to bring him a lunch, he forgot one.
Tyler made him a DAGWOOD sandwich and we dropped it off before going shopping.
While at the store we couldn't find the grocery list and the kids kept disappearing so I found I forgot a few KEY
Ricotta Cheese & Mozzarella Cheese.
After getting home I sent Tyler back up on his bike to get them while I sauteed all the veggies & got the noodles cooking.
Larry grabbed the kids & took off to piano lessons while I finished making the Lasagna, Salad & Garlic Bread then picked me up so we could see Gavin & give Barb a much needed break.

Here are some of the latest pictures.

I love his little hand under his face....

Uncle Tyler with Baby Gavin

I have to get a lot caught up around here and a few photos of last weeks Dinner With Friends & trip to Busch Garden yesterday for C.F. Industries Employee Appreciation Day.

Until then....

Blessings 2 U Friends

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