Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ALLIGATOR'S in the Lake! ? ! ? !

Friday I dropped off my DH to golf with his father sometime after dawn up the road where Dad lives. Sahara & I drove back to the campgrounds without seeing hardly a vehicle.
After breakfast we headed to Mt. Dora, however since we left later than expected we missed the Parade.
Most of my favorite places have closed shop however we have a few new spots we like to visit when we go.
This time we stopped at the little coffee shop that is hidden in the alley (they are never over-crowded like the one on main street so our wait is not quite as long. After an iced Mocha Latte, which I was lucky to get two sips of before the kids inhaled it, we went into one of our regular stops...Timeless Keepsakes where I found a beautiful silky blanket with an adorable grasshopper for the baby, even if it turns out to be a girl!

It says 'knee high to a grasshopper'
We stopped at the pet deli hoping to find life vests for the Jackie Chi's but they didn't have the Small Size for them. :-(

We also found a NEW Yarn shope called Knit 'N Needle Nook it is on 5th right next to the old book shop. The owner is the sweetest woman, from Germany and they have more yarns than a fiber artist could dream up. She and a friend chatted with us for an hour, she then taught Sahara to make Hairpin Lace. After helping her with a business problem we took our two balls of yarn and the kids grabbed one of the free fourth hot dogs from a vendor & headed back to the campground to let the dogs out awhile.

We picked Larry up a little later after we relaxed a bit taking Otis,Emma & Casper then headed to Tavares for their Fourth of July Parade. The rain & storms held off and Sahara was able to be right up on the parade route while Tyler & I enjoyed the festivities along the shaded sidewalk a few yards away.
Both kids were able to snag bags of candy since we were near the end of the parade route.

Back at the campground a couple of the neighbors asked if we had seen the gators while we were walking the dogs.
"No 11 yrs here & I have yet to see a gator in the wild."
They were from Cocoa Beach just staying the night after picking up their repaired Motor Coach, they told us which lake the gators were in & we headed straight for the docks on both lakes near us...

We even stayed until sunset hoping they would turn up

No gators....hmmm just like looking for the Skunk Ape they are elusive....

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