Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy 4th of July Weekend

Things have been consuming these last few days, but thankfully I can once again focus on what is truly important...FAMILY, REAL FRIENDS and my wonderful customers!

I want to thank those who supported me with your prayers, kind words, emails and purchases not only these last few days but this entire year. Without them I can't even think where I would be emotionally right now.

Now onto some Praise!

On a lighter note while I haven't seen my Personal Trainer due to my slip & fall and the upcoming holiday I have been loosing some of the 20 lbs I gained back this year. Since last Tuesday when I started I have lost 5lbs already this with only one work out & some short walks to the lady with the bag's house (see previous post) to take care of her dogs :-) the last few days.

Today Calvin & Casper went back in for their Vet re-checks....Calvin gained 2.5 lbs since he starting taking his meds to slow his Thyroid down, he still had to have blood drawn to test his T/4 levels.
Casper still has stones in his kidney & we are now trying a vitamin supplement and we tested his Thyroid since the levels were so LOW while he was hospitalized.

The camper is back & they say the 'leak' is fixed however a block from home Larry got a flat in the rain so before we leave for Lake Louisa tomorrow we will have to have the tire fixed so we have a spare.

So may you have a wonderful 4th of July & take a moment to relish the fact that we live in a country that is still FREE!

Blessings 2 U Friends

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