Friday, July 11, 2008

Sunrise Sunday Morning.....

We promised the kids we would canoe around the lake in the morning before it got too hot.
This was their first time in a canoe & manning an oar so it was humorous to say the least.
Sahara rode with Daddy & Tyler with me.

He was a little apprehensive given that there are GATORS in the lakes & us with only a lifejacket & oar to protect ourselves. LOLI must admit it was already TOOO HOT to wear the life vest so I didn't.
At first he wanted to head for the middle then I reminded him if we tipped it would be a long swim to shore with his legs as gator bait.
So we hung close to the shore line hoping to see some critters but didn't see much of anything besides Osprey.

He wasn't keeping time with my rowing so we kept veering into the grass which allowed any spiders in the grass the chance to climb aboard.

Even with the lake 3 -4 ft below it's normal level it wasn't nearly as bad as Lake Louisa.

After 2/3 the way around the lake Tyler figured out that I had been steering the canoe the entire time, even when he was the only one paddling. LOL

The trip to our side of the lake took an hour and then another hour back to the dock where we pulled out the canoes. It was very peaceful but warmer than I would have liked. We will have to come back in the winter when it is cooler.

After packing up camp we headed home the long way through the Green Swamp, poor Skunk Ape must have been napping in the shade somewhere. Maybe another day we will cross paths!

Blessings 2 U Friends

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Rachael said...

What fun!

I don't like the eight legged creatures but eveything else I'd swap you for.