Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sends Shivers up my Spine.....

There are a few things that can send shivers up my spine...
a beautiful sunset...
sitting under the air-conditioning duct
and finding a creepy crawly too close to me

After church we came home & I could hardly focus on anything again...
Time to go on the Ultra Simple Diet again so I can eliminate any foods as possible culprits.

In the meantime my dh started working on the 'eyesore' we called the pond area, so he could plant
the Orchid Tree a coworker gave us..they will be receiving Snow on the Mountain or Crepe Myrtles in exchange.

Well look who we found

Yes she is a BIG'UN her abdomen was the size of my thumbnail and I am sure full of eggs.

Did you get a shiver too?

Well after 'disposing' of her we moved one of Tim's LARGE art pots and lo & behold there were 3 smaller ones living in it.
....they're now gone too!

So I am inside, where the temperature is lovely and there is no humidity...far away from any creepy crawlies!

Blessings 2 U Friends

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