Tuesday, September 02, 2008

SERIOUSLY?!!! Fixin' & Repairin'

This weekend was spent fixin' & repairin' things around the house....
I don't know if any one thing actually got fixed completely...
1. My car is still sittin' it has something wrong with the transmission & the engine is misfiring.
2. The pool pump is runnin' but on half the suction.
3. The electrical issues are fixed, at least we believe they are seems a bunch of ants climbed into the outlet that the yard lights are plugged into & died from more than likely electrocution. We are hoping this was causing all the other circuits to trip!

Then after that one got fixed the steering on our used riding mower went out...you can only go in a circle to the right....hmmm can you say "CROP CIRCLES" lol

This means we are back to push mowing Mt. Stonehenge in the back now too!

The studio/crop room is almost done though...need to grade school work and then tackle the paperwork piles & my photo mess.

Pray Hannah brings us cool/dry air this Friday Night ... we are going to ROCK THE UNIVERSE if she doesn't hit Florida!

While I haven't heard from anyone what they did to bless another I am still personally doing what I can by giving folks a little extra something..a kind word, encouragement, gifts, help when needed and staying focused on GOD.

Blessings 2 U Friends

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PineyWoodsPrims~Dena said...

Hi Tammy I am Dena from Crazy Ladies Primitives and Piney Woods Primitives. I wanted to stop by today and say hello and also tell you Thank you for visiting both blogs. Your blogs are so inspirational. I really enjoyed visiting your blog today and I will be back. Thank you again.
God is an awesome God!