Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Hooker's Field Trip

Yesterday morning before the sun was over the hill I was getting ready for the HOOKER'S FIELD TRIP.

Yes that is right we Hooker's not only travel in groups but we go to really awesome places together!

We also try to convert other friends to be Hooker's & Strippers....yesterday Sahara & I picked up the Pastor's Wife & 3 yr old daughter!

After met up with the more 'experienced' Hookers in Zephyrhill's we caravanned off to Mickey D's, Janet (a DAR) needed coffee and Helen realized Ron left her no gas in their truck, so she filled up while we grabbed coffee to go.
Somehow I ended up in the lead which is interesting because I have never driven to Brooksville. Thankfully Ron gave me general directions before we left and I remembered them!! Which was really interesting since Lori & I were chatting away about everything under the sun. Thankfully Helen is not only a Hooker & Stripper but Lori noticed she was now a FLASHER!
She would signal me to turn by turning on her flashing turn signal. Boy I think Lori is a NATURAL picking out these things so quickly!

We almost missed Rogers Christmas House though and had to pull into Miss Kitty's

Miss Kitty's even has a DRIVE THRU?!

We went in while Helen & Janet made lunch reservations for us all across the street. There are five houses full of wonderful things each with it's own theme

The girls liked Storybook House

I picked up some 1/2 off Glass Christmas ornaments and a set of led lights to start the transition over to a greener Christmas!
We ran into Melanie, another of our hooker group, she only lives a few miles away and met us in the Storybook House.
It was time for lunch before we finished going through all the shops so the ladies were kind enough to hold our baskets (which they will take to the front house for you if you fill it up and you can start a new basket) until we returned from lunch.

Across the street in another historic home was Mallie Kyla's Cafe and gift shops where I had a wonderful Crab Bisque soup, Lori & I split the Southern Spinach Salad which was delicious! Afterwards I purchased these adorable little birds which will find there way into something special I will be creating soon!

Heading back across the street to the shops we finished our purchases & then it was time to leave.
Sahara & Tyler had a Piano Recital that evening and it would take us about an hour & a half to get back to the Martins' house. Then another 20 minutes to get home, eat dinner & clean up for the recital.

We did take the scenic route through the winding hills of San Antonio and saw some beautiful cattle & horse farms.

Lori & I decided we need to do a Mom's day out at least once a month we had such a lovely time.
Maybe one with the girls and one for us alone!

Here's hoping you make time to enjoy a day with your friends!

Blessings 2 U Friend


coinguyslady said...

Sounds live a great day with the girls.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Gosh I wish I lived near you again. You do such fun things!